Essential Tools for the Vegetable Garden

Walk into any garden center or flip through a garden supply catalog and you are bound to see an overwhelming number of garden tools. From hedge shears to hukari knives there is a tool for every task. When it comes to vegetable gardening there are seven essential tools you want to have on hand – a trowel, sharp shooter, garden fork, watering wand, hand pruners, staking materials, and twine.

Trowel – A trowel makes actions like digging, mixing and planting easier on you because it’s basically used as an extension of your hand.

Sharp Shooter – To create deeper, more precise holes, you’ll need a sharp shooter. This is a specific type of shovel with a long, narrow blade. It provides you with more leverage than a trowel and more control than a large garden shovel.

Garden Fork – Another great tool for working with the soil is a garden fork. Its primary function is to loosen or turn over soil, but it can also be used to rake out weeds or large rocks.

Watering Wand – Once your plants are in place, you will really appreciate the value of a watering wand. This tool allows you to be more precise in the amount of water applied to a particular area, which means more consistent watering with less waste. It also prevents some of the achy muscles associated with bending and stretching to water those hard-to-reach areas.

Hand Pruners – There’s nothing better than a great pair of pruners to manage the size and shape of individual plants. This is especially true when it comes to the lanky varieties that can easily over grow their bed companions. They are also handy for harvesting fruits and veggies with tough stems like tomatoes and peppers.

Staking and Twine – The last two things that every gardener needs to have on hand are staking materials and twine. These two work together to keep your vegetable garden in order. First, they provide an area for climbing plants to grow. And secondly, they create an aesthetic design element as a focal point in the garden.

Having the right tool for the job simplifies things and will ultimately give you more time to enjoy your garden.

18 Responses to Essential Tools for the Vegetable Garden

  1. Roger Giovinazzo says:

    I have become a big fan of fiskars tools. I love there sharp shooter shovel. I also wouldn’t want to be without a good soil knife.

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks “Alllen” for the great information about all tools for the vegetable garden, but there are some confusion in “bamboo stakes” how we use this tools. Well thank to all.

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  4. Lisa Boren says:

    The one tool I would not be without used to be called a Hula Hoe. I think it is called something else now, though. I buy mine at Fred Meyer (Kroger’s). It looks like a no-teeth narrow saw blade on a pole bent like a horseshoe. I can weed my entire 30 x 100′ garden in under an hour with it. Haven’t been without one in years.

  5. Lisa Boren says:

    I checked the name of the Hula Hoe. They now call it a Scuffle Hoe.

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