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Whew. What a summer. It’s like Mother Nature has a magnifying glass pointed right at the central U.S. Here in Arkansas the growing season started about a month early this year. We were planting tomatoes in March and by the end of May it was as hot as July.

When the forecast is hot and dry for the foreseeable future the best thing for the vegetable garden is consistent, even moisture and an organic, water soluble or slow release fertilizer that won’t over stimulate heat and drought stressed plants.

My fertilizer of choice for edibles is Jobe’s Organics Vegetables and Tomatoes. It’s organic, but produces quick results. The granular and stakes are slow release and there is a new water soluble version too that’s perfect for our current weather.

The reason Jobe’s is my choice is it’s organic and it works. I can see the difference in the health of my plants and the flavor of the vegetables they produce.

This year I decided to put Jobe’s to the test to see how vegetables fed with Jobe’s matched up to those that went without. In early May I set up an experiment by planting two 6’x6’ raised beds with tomatoes and peppers. I added Jobe’s Organics Vegetables and Tomatoes granular fertilizer to the experimental bed and left the control bed unfertilized.

Over the summer, I’ve continued feeding with Jobe’s Organics water soluble. It’s easy to do with a hose end feeder, but you can also mix it up in a watering can.

In spite of the horrendous heat (11 days of near 100 and above 100 degree temperatures), both beds have continued producing a harvest, but the Jobe’s tomatoes and peppers are more robust and flavorful.

Are you curious how your vegetable garden would perform with Jobe’s Organics Vegetables and Tomatoes? Tell me how your garden is growing in the comments below for a chance to win a bag! Congratulations to Christine! She’s the winner of the Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer. Thank you to everyone for entering. Sounds like the heat and drought aren’t keeping you guys out of the garden!

Click here to find a store in your area that sells Jobe’s Organics.

150 Responses to Fertilizer Test

  1. I would love to win the fertilizer. The over 100 degree temperatures here have not been good for my tomatoes this summer, along with the wind that has hit them.

    Thank you.


  2. Rae Jean MIles says:

    it is so hot everything is cooking in the panhandle of texas, finally have some blooms on my tomato plants but no tomatoes..so would love to try the fertilizer

  3. John Hartman says:

    days and days of 90+ degrees- then 2 to 3 inches of rain and violent winds.
    Of course squirels(tree rats) and chipmunks have eaten every pear peach cherry and apple as soon as they were golf ball size.

  4. brenda sanchez says:

    I do container gardening. My Petunias started out great but are
    stalky now.My Basil plant seems to be the only one doing well.

  5. Juli Brandenberger says:

    This is exactly what my tomato plants needed this summer!!

  6. Linda Crone says:

    Looks like a product I need to try!

  7. Joyce Dickinson says:

    I tried the Jobs tomato fertilizer stakes this year.
    In Kansas it has been 103 to 107 degress the past 3 weeks.
    My tomatoes are not looking happy and I think it is too hot for the tomatoes to even set on.

  8. Karen Ryan says:

    I have a lot of sandy clay soil & I spend alot of time trying to naturally upgrade the soil with composting materials. I think this product would be perfect & would love to try it. When I first moved onto this property, I had 2 inches of top soil the rest clay/sand. Not even a worm could be found. My veggies looked like something for a kids doll house. I still need help with that issue.

  9. Linda L. says:

    I used the Jobe’s All Purpose fertilizer on the tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. it worked really well. I have had to give away a lot of tomatoes, but then I grew several different varieties. I discovered keeping the raised beds watered was easy, but the potato bugs are really bad this year and I have to be on them every single day. I wish the barn swallows would eat them, or something would. If I dipped them in chocolate would I have any takers?

  10. Brenda says:

    We have 6 tomato plants and they are not doing very good. I agree with what everyone has said about it being the hot weather. I would love to give the Jobe vegetable and tomato fertilizer a try.

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