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Whew. What a summer. It’s like Mother Nature has a magnifying glass pointed right at the central U.S. Here in Arkansas the growing season started about a month early this year. We were planting tomatoes in March and by the end of May it was as hot as July.

When the forecast is hot and dry for the foreseeable future the best thing for the vegetable garden is consistent, even moisture and an organic, water soluble or slow release fertilizer that won’t over stimulate heat and drought stressed plants.

My fertilizer of choice for edibles is Jobe’s Organics Vegetables and Tomatoes. It’s organic, but produces quick results. The granular and stakes are slow release and there is a new water soluble version too that’s perfect for our current weather.

The reason Jobe’s is my choice is it’s organic and it works. I can see the difference in the health of my plants and the flavor of the vegetables they produce.

This year I decided to put Jobe’s to the test to see how vegetables fed with Jobe’s matched up to those that went without. In early May I set up an experiment by planting two 6’x6’ raised beds with tomatoes and peppers. I added Jobe’s Organics Vegetables and Tomatoes granular fertilizer to the experimental bed and left the control bed unfertilized.

Over the summer, I’ve continued feeding with Jobe’s Organics water soluble. It’s easy to do with a hose end feeder, but you can also mix it up in a watering can.

In spite of the horrendous heat (11 days of near 100 and above 100 degree temperatures), both beds have continued producing a harvest, but the Jobe’s tomatoes and peppers are more robust and flavorful.

Are you curious how your vegetable garden would perform with Jobe’s Organics Vegetables and Tomatoes? Tell me how your garden is growing in the comments below for a chance to win a bag! Congratulations to Christine! She’s the winner of the Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer. Thank you to everyone for entering. Sounds like the heat and drought aren’t keeping you guys out of the garden!

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150 Responses to Fertilizer Test

  1. Jan Hull says:

    I have 4 different types of tomatoes this year and I have already picked some nice big red ones. They are not as sweet and flavorful as previous years. My bell pepper plants are huge and beautiful, but for some reason I have absolutely no peppers!! I have 2 cantalope plants and 5 melons which are about 4 inches across. My watermelon seems to be doing well also. I have about 7 melons. My squash has only one squash! The strawberries did not produce very many this year. My blueberry plants did not produce and my raspberry plants did not produce an abundant crop either. Thanks for a great website!! I love it and I love your TV show also. Very inspiring!!

  2. Michael Bird says:

    The tomatoes are doing quite well. We have canned 50 pints of salsa. The rest of the garden hasn’t gone so well, from the spring plantings to cucumbers and zucchini. Now the squash bugs have appeared. I have those pests.

  3. Oscar Osorio says:

    I have a 20 x 20 garden w/ mostly tomatoes, some gen. basil, some peppers, a few yellow and zucchini squash. I use pine straw to control weeds and retain moisture and it worked so well. I spent next to no time weeding and only gave the garden a good watering one or two times a week. The tomatoes, basil and peppers (so far) produced a ver nice harvest. My squash was very dissapointing. I was only able to get 4 or 5 yellow squash from 4 plants and 2 zucchinis. I don’t know if I planted them on a high enough mound. Could that be my problem? I also have a 5 x 3 garden with red potatoes that I planted alittle late, but I was abel to harvest about 20 lbs from 40 plants. I wished they yielded more. All in all I am extremely happy with my harvest of tomatoes, peppers (so far) and basil.
    I would love to win a bag of Jobes to try out.
    Thanks for reading,

  4. Most of my garden is in containers which, thankfully, I am able to water without driving up our water bill. But the heat is definitely taking it’s toll on my tomatoes. They are just starting to produce small flowers after a month or so of dormancy. Now if I could just keep the squirrels off the few tomatoes that are almost ready to be harvested…

  5. Dolly Sarrio says:

    I would love to enter the giveaway. I love everything else Jobes and am sure this is a wonderful product..especially if you say so Allen.

  6. Kay Stacy says:

    Unfortunately, this year has been a constant battle. The drought, extreme hot temperatures, and now the grasshoppers have eaten everything in sight. But, I am an optimist and am planning my garden for next year. I could sure use that Jobe’s fertilizer! Katy

  7. Trisha C. says:

    Here in central Texas, where the summer temperatures hover just under 100 degrees or slightly over all summer, I generally plant a spring crop of tomatoes in containers beginning just around the first of April. I used Job’s Organic fertilizer spikes for the first time, and was very pleased by the ease of use. However, my son’s dog came over for a visit shortly after planting, and she was so attracted to the smell of the fertilizer spikes, that she began to dig in my pots!

    Needless to say, I had to re-pot and replace some of my tomato plants due to this mishap, but in the end, I was very pleased with my crop of patio tomatoes, lots of blossoms and yummy tomatoes before the intense heat set in!

  8. Tracy Brandenberger says:

    My garden was doing great before blight came through our community garden and wiped most plants out. Still producing a little bit and the fungicide I’ve been using is helping a lot. I’m ready for fall!

  9. Marcia White says:

    I mostly use containers, but I did plant a tomato in the back of a small bed of nasturtiums but used a different brand of fertilizer. Nasturtiums are flourishing, the tomato only so-so. Will try Jobe’s next year. This is the first veggie I have tried, plan to try a cucumber and maybe a pepper next year. I use Peters for the flowers and they are all growing like a house afire. Here in No. Central MA we have had a couple of hot spells, but also some showers/thunder showers to help with the watering.

  10. Marie Rodney says:

    My veggies are growing in raised beds. This year I have used grass clippings to keep the soil from drying out and to keep the weeds from growing. Has worked great with the rain being spotty this year. Cucumbers, grape and cherry tomatoes have given me a bumper crop. I am growing 3 different kind of heirloom tomatoes and they are growing well but have only had one ripen.
    My peppers are not doing as well (growing 3 kinds of sweet peppers). Last year tried to grow eggplants and all they did was produce flowers but no eggplant. Was very disappointed.

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