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Congratulations to Cathy Bradford! She’s the winner of the “Clouds of Pink Garden.” Thank you to everyone who entered. Everyone in the office loves reading your comments.

It takes a lot of faith to plant a bulb in fall and trust it will grow and bloom the following spring. Patience too! Fortunately I have plenty of both because tulips are one of my favorite flowers. How about you? Tell me about the spring flowering bulbs you love the most for a chance to win my Clouds of Pink Bulb Garden.

I’ll select a winner at random on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. CST.

Use the comment form below to answer. Click here for the official rules.

There are 3 other bulb garden designs in my collection. All are available at independent garden centers. Check them out.

207 Responses to Dig In!

  1. Sharon Schmuhl says:

    I have a wooden planter on coasters on my deck that I plant with annuals. I have tulip bulbs in the planter also. I cover with rubber mats over winter as we live in Michigan and we usually have cold winters. This summer the black squirrels dug must of the tulip bulbs out of the planter and took off with them. I would not have known this except for the fact that one day I caught one in action. I dug into my large planter and could not find a tulip bulb. I am sure that I had more than 75 bulbs in that planter! Hope they saved them for winter feeding if in deed they feed on them, or just took them for the fun of it!

    • Joyce Croul says:

      Sharon I think most spring bulbs are poison. I don’t think the squires will be back. They don’t hibernate all winter but do come out now and again. I’m hoping the little buggers don’t die. We don’t have many here in our area, think they are a cute nuisance. Joyce in CA.

  2. JulieAdolf says:

    Honestly, what’s more lovely than a perfect tulip? In our zone (7b), I refresh the tulip beds often, as the bulbs don’t last many seasons for me. Still, I’ll fight voles and replant often, simply because there’s no other flower that I love as much as a tulip. Crisp, charming, perfect in beds or in a bundle for a friend who’s having a bad day…a gardener can never have too many tulips. Happy planting!

  3. Linda Doman says:

    My favorite are the daffodils because we always get a nice turnout from these bulbs, but I do also look forward to those early crocuses that give me hope that spring will soon be here.

  4. Joy Worman says:

    I love a mix of scents, shapes & sizes. 3 of my favorites are crocus, tulips and hyachinths. The home we are in now we purchased 2 years ago, so our first spring was a surpise what would pop up. The former owners left us a nice mix of my 3 favorites. I have added daffodils & narcissus around the front yard shrubs. We have ferns that come up to along with ivy also. I like to add a few new bulbs each year to add variety and color to our spring.


    After trying some hyacinths given to me by a friend years ago, (and their not doing well…not in enough sun)….i bought some this year to plant when it gets colder here in MI…..will put them in the front yard, more sun. I love the tiny bud-flower thingys, they are so delicate…and I love the purple color!

  6. carol stoudt says:

    My favorite Spring bulb is the Daffodil, they come in such a variety and they are so hardy and the rodents dont like them!!!Squirrels dont dig them up and they last a loooooong time…you even see them growing where old homes used to be out in the middle of the woods….Just love them they are so cheery!!

  7. June Hicks says:

    Crown imperials are one of my favorites. They look so regal. Of course I like tulips and iris also.

  8. john mikhael says:

    With so many colors, sizes and shapes – Tulips are my favorite (if I had to choose and I do!)

  9. Anna says:

    Beautiful pink!

  10. Annette Jones says:

    Daffodils have always signaled spring to me and would have to be my favorite over all the others. I try to add new varieties each year.

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