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Congratulations to Cathy Bradford! She’s the winner of the “Clouds of Pink Garden.” Thank you to everyone who entered. Everyone in the office loves reading your comments.

It takes a lot of faith to plant a bulb in fall and trust it will grow and bloom the following spring. Patience too! Fortunately I have plenty of both because tulips are one of my favorite flowers. How about you? Tell me about the spring flowering bulbs you love the most for a chance to win my Clouds of Pink Bulb Garden.

I’ll select a winner at random on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. CST.

Use the comment form below to answer. Click here for the official rules.

There are 3 other bulb garden designs in my collection. All are available at independent garden centers. Check them out.

207 Responses to Dig In!

  1. Daisy says:

    I love all bulbs, but my most favorite is ranunculus. Every year my garden is not without these beauties. They come in such a range of beautiful colors and I have to smile every time I see them.

  2. Donna Maddox says:

    I have grandchildren that I’m working on my yard to teach the wonder of nature and wild life habitat. It seems they all have grown instinctively watching for the crocus they learned to plant in the grass. No matter how small or big the kids are, they always comment when they spot them each spring. There was cheering when they discovered the beauty of a clump of daffodils planted with a few red tulips in front of them. Every fall we decide what wonder we want to wait til Spring to see bloom when shopping to expand our bulbs. Gracie wants to buy enough to do a whole side of the yard. Gotta hand it to her for thinking BIG SHOW.

  3. eddie wynne says:

    My favorite are tulips. In fact, I am a tulip nut. My favorite trick is to plant my fall bulbs and save about 100 bulbs and put them in the produce drawer of my refrigerator. When my spring bulbs have come and gone, I plant the ones in the refrigerator and they are up and blooming within two weeks. The controlled low temperature makes them ready to bloom when planted.

  4. diane allyn says:

    Spring is the perfect palette of colors. So many different tulips, hyacynths, crocus, daffodils, Jonquils………..how can anyone pick a favorite. But I do lean towards the tulip. The stand tall, reaching for the sky and bring joy to all.

  5. Susan David says:

    I love the very early bulbs like snowdrops that bloom just as the winter snows are melting! They always lighten my spirits after a long winter. Also Primrose, as it can usually be purchased very early and kept in the house until is warm enough to move outside, and remind me that spring is not far and it’s time to start thinking about what I want to add to the garden. Alliums add a joyful touch, too . . . they always make me smile!

  6. Judy Brint-Murphy says:

    My favorite flower bulb would be tulip. I started 3 years ago as gift. It begin interesting me because the bulb itself did not label itself with color or shape of petal. The bulbs I bought were various colors and shapes so I dig it in the sorts random order. Never know what’s in bloom of colors and shape when spring come up. So fun to see it growing!

  7. monica gruenheid says:

    I love when the tulips and daffodils come up. It is a new beginning and spring is here again.

  8. Joyce Croul says:

    We love Tulips, hyacinths , and all the jonquils in all colors and sizes. The tulips are so perfect and brightly colored wish they lasted longer too. Pink is one of my favorite colors all shades. My better half he likes red. We try to compromise. Joyce

  9. Paula West says:

    Daffodils are my favorite! I used to stop along a country road & pick wild ones on the way to see my grandmother. The remind me of her, simple yet beautiful and delicate.

  10. meg says:

    What a hard thing to do , pick a favorite. In Feb or March the favorite is that first crocus. But then the daffodils bloom. They do WONDERFUL in Missouri. Then the tulips make their presence known. So my favorite is just like my favorite color, what ever is blooming in the garden that day.

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