Fruit or Vegetable?

From a gardener’s perspective a tomato is a fruit. It forms from the ovary of a flower and contains seeds. Therefore it is a fruit.

Now a cook might tell you different because tomatoes are not often used to sweeten a dish. They are served as vegetables so they are vegetables. Right?

Tell me your opinion for a chance to win an awesome Garden Patch Grow Box™ and a packet of ‘Jelly Bean’ and Roma tomato seeds from my Bountiful Best collection from Ferry-Morse Seed Company.

The winner will be announced Wednesday March 7, 2012.*

Congrats to Debbie Chen! She’s the winner of a Garden Patch Grow Box™. We suggest planting it with tomatoes!

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263 Responses to Fruit or Vegetable?

  1. Jean Burks says:

    I call this delicious treat a vegetable, but know it’s a fruit. What is tomato sauce?

  2. Kelly says:

    Well naturally one can google this and see that the U.S. Supreme court has dictated that the Tomato is indeed a vegetable but botanically speaking, all fruits do contain ovaries which bear seeds and vegetables do not. So in that sense a tomato is definitely a fruit. I personally think tomatoes are fruits and would be classified near berries.

  3. Donna says:

    A tomato is the introduction to the wonder of gardening. Anyone can plant a seed or buy a plant and experience the thrill of watching that tomato grow and then the joy of the taste of eating something you grew. Plant it with the fruits and plant it with flowers just plant it and enjoy it.

  4. Gloria Summerour says:

    Vegetable – my favorite one! Ok, maybe it is really a fruit but when I eat a tomato, I tell myself I am eating some of my vegetables. Nothing better than a home grown tomato. We are from Charlotte, N. C. and the tomatoes grown there (with a little red dirt) are the best.

  5. Aubrey says:

    They are delicious like a fruit, but look more like a veggie! I love them either way!!

  6. Gayle says:

    I’ve always thought of it as a vegetable, but when growing up my mom use to make tomato jam and it is good. I have made it and a lot of people think it sounds gross. But it is yummy.

  7. DEBBIE CHEN says:

    They sweeten the pot, get a little saucy, hang out with chips, are baked into chocolate cake, tease with spiciness and then turn around and act all sweet, juiced into a mega-vitamin drink, make it to the salad bowl everyday, fried with envy, delightfully dipped into by a baguette…can we just say tomatoes are in a class by themselves??

  8. Debbie Thakor says:

    When the tomato engages the senses to their fullest, the tomato is a fruit…delicate aroma, firm with a slight bounce to the touch, beautiful, deep red color, and sweet taste that bursts in the mouth and has one looking for more. Otherwise, it’s a vegetable…blah and store bought.

  9. Karen Dries says:

    Tomato Tomahto, however you call it it’s delicious. This versatile edible is used fresh and in jams like fruit and in salads and sandwiches,sauces and sautes like a vegetable. All I know is they are GOOD. And I would love to grow some in that fancy box.

  10. J. Boehlke says:

    Without a doubt, I’ve always considered it to be a vegetable.

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