Get to Cleaning

One downside to living on a farm is I track in a lot of dirt. Everything in my house collects dust; I mean everything including my houseplants. Aside from looking grungy, a dirty plant can’t breathe because the pores in the leaves clog up. The solution is simple; give them a bath.

For small to medium plants you can just wash the leaves by wiping with a sponge or cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Add a little soap if the dust is really encrusted, but make sure you rinse it off. You can also wash houseplants at the sink. Hold your hands over the top of the pot to keep the soil in, and gently wash the foliage.

Or how about a shower? You can put large plants in the shower, but be easy with the water pressure. You don’t want to damage the leaves.

Now these techniques don’t apply to all plants. Plants with fuzzy leaves like African violets resent having water on their foliage. Use a dry brush to remove the dust.

Now remember whenever you are using these techniques involving soap, be sure you get it all rinsed off.

The next time you’re giving your plants a little TLC; don’t forget to give them a bath.


6 Responses to Get to Cleaning

  1. Karen says:

    I have been washing my African violet leaves, for years, in the sink under running water. I use tepid water and lightly rub the leaves with my fingers and then dry them with tissues, because they absorb quickly. I make sure I get all water out of the crown by rolling a tissue to a point and poking it down in the crown. I have never had any problems.

  2. Karen Jackson says:

    Excellent you make cleaning sound like fu!

  3. paulette says:

    Love your advise,recipes everything P Allen Smith you are the greatest

  4. Joycee says:

    i worked as a florist for years and keeping a plant clean is as important as water!

  5. marlene says:

    My plants are smiling. Marlene

  6. Cynthia Garner says:

    I use a baby hair brush to gently clean my african violets. It works wonderfully.

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