Growing Edibles in Small Spaces

This is an excerpt from my column in AY Magazine. Read the entire article here.

You don’t need a lot of space to grow vegetables and herbs. In fact, in a 4 x 4 raised bed you can grow enough food to feed a family of four. You can supplement your groceries with edibles grown in containers, hanging baskets, pallet gardens and window boxes.

Need inspiration? Check out these photos.

You can grow many ebibles in a window box. Here I've planted cool season herbs, lettuce and strawberries. Geraniums are in the mix to take over when the weather warms.

Drill a few holes in the bottom and a galvanized pale turns into a chic planter.

GrowBoxes are ideal for limited space and time. The water tank and slow release fertilizer strip take the guess work out.

A pot of annuals or colorful vegetables creates a focal point in a raised bed.

Edibles and flowers make beautiful companions. Here I've planted dwarf cherry tomatoes, purple basil and red geraniums.

These 3 containers will yield plenty of strawberries, chard and English peas for me to eat.

Tomatoes are happy in pots. Choose a determinate (grows to a determined size) variety and stake as soon as you plant.


17 Responses to Growing Edibles in Small Spaces

  1. Rita Hopper says:

    Right on! I have an old galvanized tub from the 1930’s that has mescaline greens, an old oval canner with peas and spinach and cilantro in an odd pot – and so far they have thumbed their noses at the frosty nights and I am enjoying fresh veggies!

  2. Ann Majors says:

    I saw your show today re test farms across the country. I’d like to know how do I see the test results… or what companys have the veg/flowers etc the test farms tested for sale..???
    I’m interested in which kind of lavender to grow to use in cookie making/edible fragrant.. and can use stems for spears…
    I’m very fond of the smell of lavender. just to have about the house also…
    Also interested in best fig tree for Chicago… type want small tree big fruit. Ann Chicago

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