March Bloom: Daffodils

We’ve planted 280,000 daffodils at the Moss Mountain Farm Garden Home. You might say I’m a little daffodil crazy, but what’s not to love about this cheery little flower? They are one of the first blooms to appear in spring, the fragrance is heavenly, and they are perennial. Plus the deer won’t eat them.

Right now the daffodils are in full bloom out at the farm and it’s a sight to behold.


If pictures aren’t enough for your daffodil loving heart, make a trip out to farm for one of our Daffodil Days open houses. Click here to learn more.

20 Responses to March Bloom: Daffodils

  1. Cindy Menn says:

    Your farm looks beautiful with all the daffodils in bloom. Daffodils are my cousin Debora’s favorite flower. I just forwarded her these photos. Her birthday is March 12th. That table setting is a beautiful idea for a birthday lunch!

  2. Beth Ellis says:

    When should daffodils be planted and how deep?

  3. Diane says:

    A little slip of heaven at Moss Mountain in March. Sorry I will miss the show. Instead I will enjoy the few hundred I have here at Swallowtail Cottage. ;-)

    And Happy Birthday early Allen.

  4. Jan says:

    It is still very much winter in snowy Wisconsin, but daffodils are blooming on my kitchen table. Last fall I took advantage of low prices at the end of the bulb buying season, and potted both daffodils and tulips. I am bringing them in from the cold garage a couple at a time for constant spring bloom. Pink tulips are starting to show color, next are the red, and so on. This coming fall, my bulb buying will be more adventurous.

    I looked for a calendar on your daffodil screen saver. It is OK however, as I now add a calendar to all my favorites. I like it on my desktop. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Joyce says:

    I planted 50 bulbs 4 years ago. This year we have 1 daffodill. What on earth could have happened? …j.

  6. Carolyn M Latham says:

    Fabulous! Favorite time of year!

  7. Kathy Eckler says:

    Love daffodills they fure a sign of spring and life will go on.

    Thank you for the beautiful flower show.


  8. Martha says:

    What do you do with the hill to keep the weeds down the rest of the year?

  9. Martha Wilson says:

    How do you keep the weeds out of the grass after the daffodils die down?

  10. Martha L. Wilson says:

    I feel a bit threatened, when I see my name was the last written. But that was not me. Although I do like the question.

    I love the flowers, and hope to move mine around soon so I have a larger area covered.

    I am having a terrible time with weeds since lightening struck my large Oak and split it and burned the center all the way down. Now my entire yard is crying. I have a lot of work to do.

    Thanks for sharing what I have little of at this time.

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