May at the Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm

Verdant best describes the farm in May. I think the photos below will testify to the greenness of the month.

Seed pods have replaced the blooms on the wisteria.
Rose 'Lafter'
Supertunia Bordeux, Superbells Yellow Chiffon Calibrachoa and Colorblaze Lifelime Coleus

Incrediball Hydrangea

Garlic Blooms
Snow Princess Lobularia
White Dorper Sheep in the Heritage Apple Orchard

11 Responses to May at the Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm

  1. Lisa L. says:

    The pictures are great and a true testimony to May’s beauty! Here in Colorado, we just finished two days of non-stop rain. It was a scurry to cover cold-sensitive plants but they made it through. Today is sunny, 70 degrees and boy is the garden showing its appreciation for that abundant moisture! As for me, I am appreciative of the change in weather. I don’t know if it’s just part of the passion for gardening but I go crazy locked in the house. I love to be outside in the garden.

  2. Kathleen S. Eckler says:

    With all the rainy days we have had this year so far, by beds are flourishing of plant life (weeds included). I really don’t like being inside when I know I should be outside trimming up my roses and weeding, mulching, getting plant material for all of my pots (anywhere between 50 and 80 pots), and the list goes on. My household chores should be on hold right now, but I guess the Lord wants me inside doing whatever cleaning I need to do. So I shall get that stuff done and then maybe the weather will change and I can get outside and manage my big yard of beds.

    Love the pictures and articles you have sent me.


  3. Se Fina Williams says:

    I don’t know about all other areas posts, but the Pacific Northwest has been very rainy and cold. Looking at your pictures is inspiring to me though and I’m very anxious to get some good weather for my vegetable and flower garden. I can’t complain too much though! This area is so beautiful rain or shine and I can’t wait to be able to get out in the garden soon.

    Se Fina

  4. Nina says:

    Verdant is right. I live in sunny Arizona where we hit our first one hundred degree day in April. It’s cooled down but I put in my first beans and corn in mid February and my tomatos in early March. I’ve got my first heirloom tomatos coming off and the beans are a close second. In this zone, everything has to be in and almost done before June when the real triple digits begin!

  5. terri behrens says:

    love to get a peek into your gardens! We can hardly wait for flowers to bloom here in minnesota. It has been a slow cold start for our gardening.The white sheep look so beautiful,peaceful,and happy. someone should do a painting for you of those sheep against their wonderful green surroundings! Hope to be diggin in the dirt here real soon.

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  7. Ric Dykstra says:


    Your Garden Home Retreat is a masterpiece! The home and gardens compare with the very finest comparibles that I’ve seen! I love your creations and wish your tv program was on every day!
    It is finally Spring here in northern Indiana, and I can safely start planting tomatoes!

  8. Jolynn says:

    Just got back from visiting Moss Mountain. Fabulous!! Even though a thunder storm kept us out of the vegetable garden and rose garden, it was still quite worth the trip. Everyone is so hospitable and the lunch was delicious. The home is so wonderful; especially enjoyed the screen porches; thanks for sharing!

  9. Jo Ann T. WI says:

    Bring them in, set them out. We are expected a light frost in Western Wisconsin tonight. So, I will be bringing in the few pots I have put together and a few house plants I have on the front porch. I did not put any plants out until a week ago; I thought the chance of frost was past. But, Mother Nature rules! I have been enjoying your blog. The article about the Access School garden was interesting. Thanks for sharing that and the pictures above! Happy Spring! Jo Ann

    • Hi Jo Ann!
      A light frost! Wow! Yes, Mother Nature does rule indeed.
      Happy you are enjoying the blog.
      Hope you have a great holiday weekend and it warms up for you up there!

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