Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Deborah says:

    Hi Allen, Any plans of visiting New Jersey in the near future? We are the Garden State! Husband and I are huge fans!

    • Hi Deborah!
      No plans at the moment to be in New Jersey…but, I will be at the Delaware Antiques Show the first week of November.Come see me there or come out to one of our events at the farm. We just had some folks here from the east coast ….and the west coast for our autumn farm to table dinner. Loads of fun!
      Thanks for being such a great fan!

  2. Todd Eric says:

    Indeed, October, and throughout the fall, is an ideal time to plan and plant new garden beds to ready oneself for the next year. The fall is also an ideal time to enjoy what the months have to offer.

    The fall is also more than just flowers. There is color from foliage, there is scent, textures, and fruit and berries. With our area’s late frost date, we often find our gardens providing interest and intrigue well into November.
    I love flower just my heart & soul.

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