Soil Prep for Edibles

The first week of March definitely came in like a lamb this year with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. It was beautiful weather for working in the staff garden at the City Garden Home.

The soil needed some TLC after working hard all fall and winter. Vegetables are needy when it comes to soil. They require fertile, well draining ground for optimal growth. I like to refresh the soil after each growing season to replenish nutrients. Gardening is raised beds makes it easy. I take the existing soil and mix in well rotted manure and compost or humus. A good ratio is 2 parts soil to 1 part manure and 1 part compost.

As a final step Jobe’s Organics All Purpose fertilizer was added. This stuff is powerfully good at breaking down nutrients in the soil for plants to absorb.

This year is going to be the best yet for the staff garden.


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  1. mary dimock says:

    I was wondering if Buffalo grass would survive in Northern NY? We are zone 3 almost to the Canadian border.

  2. Liz Sanders says:

    Thanks for the information about “The slug problem.” They are devouring my pansies and now that I have my first raised bed I will try the copper wire, egg shells, and beer. Nails would be too risky for me.

  3. Nikki Dotson says:

    Have you done any gardening with straw bales? Our electric coop had an article on it last spring, and I was wanting to give it a try this year. Any tips/hints would be appreciated. Love gardening and trying to make the best of a situation here in Ark. where I have lots of room, but not great soil. I do container plantings for the patio, but run out of room for the larger things (okra, green beans). Just wondering if there are any dos and don’ts that I really need to know before I start planing this year. Thank you

  4. Brunhilde says:

    Re slugs: I save my dryer lint and put it around the plants. I used it on my hostas last year and never replaced it and had no slugs.

  5. Charles Livings says:

    slugs are problem will try nails, didn’t work

    raised beds new soil, manure, etc…
    how does shredded paper work?? holds moistue, does it bring roachs, slugs??

    • Opal says:

      I can feel your stress. When all else fails, I use Deadline, man that stuff works. It is not organic, but when your back is to the wall, you gotta do what you gotta do. I lived in Tenn. and now live in OR. on the west side the slugs are weighed by the pound, and the Deadline stays even through the heavy rains. Let the drops fall about one inch appart around the outside edge of where your plant hangs down. Best wishes,,,Opal

  6. Beth Byrne says:

    Every time I use organic fertilizer my dog digs into it. Does anyone have any suggestions.

    • Opal says:

      There are some great “repeling” products out there. I have a friend that keeps every thing out of her flowers with it. Comes in a spray, for some reason critters just don’t like it, and stay away, but, you must refresh it as per directions. Best wishes,, Opal

  7. I live on “reclaimed” mine land. It drains well, but is hard and nothing but shale about 2″ down. I had to start raised beds. We had such a hard summer, last year crop was poor. What would you guys suggest to amp up production?? Jobes??

  8. Celeste Villegas says:

    getting my raised bed up higher each year until it isto the tops of the rocks..But my soil over here is a mixture of good dark dirt an clay also I have a lot of lime stone in the ground..Besides cow manure, top soil wood chips an compost what would you recommend to get the soil right for growing veggies an herbs? Thank you for any tips.. Celeste

  9. Joel says:

    I have a question – what kind of lumber is best for creating a raised bed garden? Can I use the “treated” (wolmanized?) lumber found in most home improvement stores, or are there chemicals to be concerned about in these?

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