Ten Unusual Seeds

Seeds are the miracle makers of the garden world. Big things come from such small, seemingly inert packages. A carrot seed is small enough to get caught under a fingernail and yet will produce a delectable carrot in a few months. And what about sunflowers or corn? So much promise!

There’s still time to get seeds started. If you live in a cold climate you can get a jump start by sowing seeds indoors. Gardeners who live in regions with long summers and warm falls be sure to buy extra now to start a second crop of blooms and vegetables midsummer.


Sunflower ‘Sonya’

Zinnia ‘Benary’s Scarlet Giant’

Gomphrena ‘Las Vegas Pink’

Cosmos ‘Cosmic Orange’

Polish Amaranth ‘Oeschburg’ (Amaranth cruentus)

Veggies & Herbs

Carrots ‘Purple Dragon’

Lettuce ‘Tom Thumb’

Tomato ‘Sun Gold’

Yard Long Beans

Pepper ‘Holy Mole’

30 Responses to Ten Unusual Seeds

  1. Buy Seeds says:

    Seeds are a great benefit. I enjoy using seeds and finding discounted seeds online.

    • Ann Majors says:

      Wanted: Yes I agree seeds are the way to go.. ?
      Where to get any exp with product want reasonable costs.
      *I saw peonies seeds?
      *Buttercup or Ranunculas. I know they come in seed form.
      *Unuaual African Violets varigated leaves, ALSO mini’s …
      *Looking for the mini pots sometimes sceen w Mini Violets never saw sep.. I want to buy the mini self watering container w tiny pot & wicks! they are just clear plastic 2 part you put the tiny plastic pot w the violet and wick in them.. w water on the inside..
      *Fig trees ?best place to buy good healthy tree reasonable?
      *Last for all who have very limited garden space. I bought many years ago a dwarf fruit tree that had apple, pear, plum, all on ONE trunk… yes it was a grafted tree I paid only $29. it did indeed have multi fruits.. ? where to get now…
      I also believe in trading plants, roots, flowers, seeds this is a great way to share with what you have been successful with…
      *New oregano SPICY wow I tried a leaf this kicks it.. want seeds.
      any leads please email me ann_majors@yahoo.com

  2. Judy says:

    Very Interesting…..

  3. Jean says:

    Wondering if you know where I can find speckled (purple/white) butterbean seeds – hard to come by the last few years thanks for any help

    • Sharon Bauer says:

      Jean, are you talking about something different from Florida Speckled Butter Beans, which Burpee sells (also heirloomseeds.com, gourmetseed.com):

      They’re usually described as buff and maroon, but they look white and purple to me.

    • Susan League says:

      If you are in Florida, there is a wonderful seed store in Leesburg that carries the speckled butterbean; we plant them each year. Simon Seed, Leesburg, FL. I don’t know if they ship or not, but you can google them.

    • Patti says:

      Here is a site that sells them…I think 2.49/lb.
      Hope this helps.

    • JEANNE says:

      My husband is from Missippi and insisted Butter Beans are NOT lima beans. I searched everywhere for the illusive butter beans and finally found Christmas Butter Beans at a little feed store in Woodville TX. They are large, white with black specks (or black with white specks . . . the jury is still out). We put them in the garden last year and had tons of butter beans even throughout the drought. If you can’t find the beans I will be glad to share some with you. If you are desperate you can do what I did year before last. When all else failed, I had the feed store put lima beans in a brown paper bag and labek it Butter Beans. Same family, slightly different taste. This kept my husband happy until I could find the real thing!

  4. Simone says:

    I have purchased some of the tiny lettuce seeds. They are so cute and for giving away to friends. Can’t wait to try it out. I also purchased another tomato seed called “Tumbling Tom” that is specially bred for growing in containers or hanging baskets. The branches grow down rather than vining up. First year I am trying these out, already sprouted in the house. It’s going to be a very fun growing season!

    • s. White says:

      Last year I purchased “Tom Thumb” tumbling tomato plants. While my other tomatoes were spectacular, Tom Thumb did very poorly. I send this so if you have the same problem, you will know you are not alone. All of my tomato plants were grown in a raised bed with organic soil, organic fertilizer, and calcium supplementation. Tom Thumb and, strangely enough zucchini squash, did poorly. No idea why.

  5. Sharon Bauer says:

    Thanks! That Polish amaranth looks like an interesting addition to my bed of amaranths (gomphrena and celosia), so I just ordered some seeds on eBay.

  6. Excellent choices!
    Tom Thumb lettuce are great, especially for container gardening because they’re nice a compact. Even apartment dwellers can grow these heirlooms.
    Purple dragon carrots have a slightly spicy flavor. They can also be grown in containers. I’ve found they’re even tastier picked a little earlier than normal.

  7. Ginger says:

    I grow those yard long beans every year! They are fun! And if you harvest before they are really full they will be tasty. Two rows in my raised garden was enough for us to have all summer and to give to everyone else! They literally grow a yard long! (the beans) The seeds came from my grandma, who has passed away. When I first saw them I had to go check them out.. they were growing in my brother and sis-in-law’s garden. Enjoy! : )

    • Lydia Seibert says:

      Yard long beans are terrific for children. I plant them on a bamboo teepee. The red variety is more fun and easier for them to see. My grandsons try to find the longest ones and run to the house, grab the yardstick to measure and compete for the longest one. They are also great to eat. Long and skinny, one or two will feed each person. Very tasty. I get mine from Pinetree Seeds.

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  9. Julie Baker says:

    When starting seeds indoors I came across an older gents suggestion to use boiling water to pour over the seeds after they are placed in the dirt and I have to say I have had amazing results in germination since doing this.

  10. Elise says:

    I’ve grown Sungold tomatoes for the last four years. I usually plant three of them and there has never been one that has made it into the house yet. I just go from tomato to tomato, eating as I go. They are fantastic. Got my three planted and can hardly wait for the little balls of flavor. Yum!

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