Twigs, Barks and Berries

The Farmer’s Almanac had it right when they predicted a mild winter for Arkansas. We’ve only had a handful of nights below freezing and just one dusting of snow. That’s quite a difference from last year’s numerous winter storms.

This year’s more peaceful weather gives me more opportunities to be outdoors enjoying the quiet beauty in the garden.

The sister oaks. I love the bare, dark branches against the grey sky.

One of my favorite winter shrubs is Ilex decidua, a deciduous holly.

Red stems of 'Princess' peach trees.

I leave ornamental grasses uncut through winter for texture and wildlife. I'll cut them back in early February.

Arborvitae offers color throughout winter.

11 Responses to Twigs, Barks and Berries

  1. Terry Whiley says:

    I so wish I could post a picture of my house and get your suggestions! My front is so plain. I can never seem to find a way to work those beautiful grasses into my landscape.

  2. Kathleen F. Ford says:

    If the front of your house gets late afternoon sun try planting Hydrangea bushes, two or three on each side of the front door.

    • Oksanna says:

      Try Karl Foerster grass in the front – it is very easy to grow and looks lovely even in the winter. You could plant one or three in a row. I’ve also planted a row of Moor grass – it’s low and cascading. I have lots of sun on my front lawn. Hope this helps

  3. Karl Casey says:

    On a 61 degree day here in Pittsburgh Pa, the Hydrangea leaves are budding!

  4. E. George Strasser says:

    I have a winterberry and just love the red berries.. I think the mockingbird loves them too. I was hoping for some cedar waxwings also.

  5. Kathryn Richardson says:

    I love winter for one of the reasons Allen mentioned. I love to see the shapes of the trees which you can see when the leaves are there.
    Also, you may have to look more closely, but there are flowers and colors everywhere. Just not so obvious. ( I live outside of New Orleans)

  6. a says:

    Happy that this post is up as sometimes, have feeling that most do not appreciate the grey color of many plants that are in my yard as well as orange rosehips that cover bushes around my home here in Dakota.

  7. Pam Campbell says:

    I have been trying to get the “Winterberry” bushes started around my home and just wondering if they are just a hard bush to grow. I have ordered them twice (male and female) from 2 different plant catalogs and have had no luck getting them to live. I live in Delight, AR. Traveling through Tollette and the Saratoga area (towards Texarkana) I notice them growing everywhere in the wild and have stopped and cut branches for decorating during the holidays. I have even planted the berries all around thinking they might come up.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get these started and to grow?

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  9. Glenda Brown says:

    The leaves on my peace lilly gets brown edges. What am I doing wrong?

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