Name that Tomato!

Wow! Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest. What a great response! Just goes to show how much we all love our tomatoes.

The correct answer is ‘Arkansas Traveler’ and the winner is Mike Lyons.

Can you name this tomato variety?

Answer correctly for a chance to win a tomato t-shirt from Bonnie Plants. Leave your response in the comments section below. I’ll select a winner by random drawing on Wednesday June 6, 2012. Click here for the official rules.

Here are a few clues.

  • It’s an heirloom that originated in the Ozark Mountains before 1900.
  • Keeps producing during periods of drought and hot weather.
  • Mild fruits with pink coloring are produced on indeterminate vines.

Need more help? Search the Bonnie Plants tomato selector.

5 Tips for Growing Better Tomatoes

Don’t plant too early! Flowering and pollination that occurs when temperatures are below 55 degrees F can result in malformed, poor quality fruits. This is also referred to as catfacing.

Plant deeply. Remove the lower leaves and plant your tomatoes as deeply as you can dig into loose, rich soil. Up to 2/3 of the plant can be buried. New roots will develop along the buried stem. Don’t believe me? Read more about planting tomatoes deeply on

Tomatoes prefer a slightly acidic to neutral soil (pH of 6.0 to 7.0) rich in phosphorous and calcium. To increase calcium, add crushed eggshells or a spoonful of bone meal when planting.

Tomatoes don’t like fluctuating moisture levels. Water consistently and cover the soil with mulch to retain moisture. Avoid overhead watering as it encourages leaf disease.

Staking is important to expose leaves to sunlight and keep fruits off the ground where they may come into contact with soil borne diseases, or slugs and snails. Get the stakes in early so you don’t have to worry about damaging mature root systems.

402 Responses to Name that Tomato!

  1. Glen R Williams says:

    Arkansas Travler Heirloom Tomato

  2. Gail says:

    German Pink

  3. Gail says:

    Looks like German Pink.

  4. Diana Zmudzin says:

    Arkansas Traveler

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