Who’s Got the Best Strawberries?

The Fruit Gardener's Bible

Congratulations to Fran Danner! You’re the winner of The Best Strawberry Giveaway. Your cautionary tale of eating strawberries that you should be saving for shortcake made me laugh. I’m sending you a copy of The Fruit Gardener’s Bible.

Thank you for all your comments. It was a joy to read each of them. There’s something comforting in the fact that so many of you can remember the taste of an exceptional strawberry from 20, 30 and even 60 years ago!

It’s so close to strawberry season I can almost taste the strawberry shortcake. I’m a little biased but I think the best strawberries are grown right here in Arkansas. Care to challenge me on that? Tell me about the best strawberries you’ve ever eaten for a change to win a copy of The Fruit Gardener’s Bible by Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry. If you’re interested in growing fruits of any type this is a handy reference to have around.

Strawberry Tip from The Fruit Gardener’s Bible

  • Everbearing and day neutral strawberries are the best choice for growing in hanging baskets.
  • Plant strawberries with the crown sitting at soil level. Too deep encourages disease; too high and they’ll dry out.
  • Alpine strawberries, Fragaria vesca, produce small, intensely flavorful berries all summer. They spread by seed and don’t produce runners. Great for partial shade.

57 Responses to Who’s Got the Best Strawberries?

  1. Dolly Sarrio says:

    I have to say that in my side yard. Cottle Farms, of Faison, NC grow the best strawberries you ever have put into your mouth. I worked in that field over 22 years and the best commercial berry is made by them started on Prince Edward Island and planted in fields all over the South. Chandler! The older version we started off with was called Sweet Charlie 1978..Great berries. Recipes Delicious Strawberry Cake. I made those for years so wonderful and easy.

    • Paula Murphy says:

      Dolly, I love those blueberries, I buy as long as in season from this particular farm, just wonderful. Thanks for the reminder I remember the Cottle Farms in Fasion, NC. YUM can hardly wait!
      Paula Murphy

  2. Linda Parker says:

    I believe the absolutely best strawberries come from Plant City, Florida. They are sweet, juicy and just plain delicious.

  3. Cottle Farms in Florence,SC has the best strawberries, I've ever eaten. says:

    Love, Love this site, thanks for all the info.

  4. Ann Schulz says:

    Hood strawberries from Oregon are the best, but they don’t travel well so the rest of the country never gets to try them.

  5. Tracey Putnam Culver says:

    Picture a strawberry field under a bright blue sky on the perfect day in June. I’m picking berries to make my annual strawberry preserves that everyone demands for Christmas and birthday presents. The berries are the Ogallala variety – smaller than average, and so rich and sweet! I find the perfect specimen and put it in my mouth. It is warm from the sun, richly aromatic, juicy and delicious. It is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

  6. Phyllis Dujon says:

    The best strawberries are Plant City, Florida berries. They are sweet and firm. Have never gone wrong when purchasing them.

  7. Lydia Amonette Bursi says:

    If you haven’t tried the strawberries from Brownlee Farm in Red Banks MS you are missing out. Delicious and red to the core. Looking forward to the start of their season on to April 15!

  8. M. King says:

    Best strawberries ever were those I and friends picked ourselves from a farm in Charleston, SC. Any picked by hand when ripe will be better than those bought in a store.

  9. Dale Gilkey says:

    The very best are here in Kentucky. No doubt other states have good strawberries, but we have the best tasting !

  10. Maria says:

    It was many years ago, in the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, alpine type strawberries, picked right there and then. They were tiny, but the flavor was unbeatable!

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