Win a Pair of Dramm Hand Pruners

I can’t believe what an awesome response we received on this contest. I wish I had more pruners to give away. Today’s winner by random draw is Tammy Hathaway. Congratulations Tammy and thanks to everyone for participating. I’m blown away.

People often ask me about which plants to cut back in autumn and when to cut them back. I advise to wait until a killing freeze to cut back perennials and pull out summer annuals. If a plant had problems during the summer always through the foliage in the trash rather than the compost bin to prevent carrying fungus and disease over into next year.

I like to leave some of my perennials and ornamental grasses uncut for winter interest and bird habitat. How about you? Do you prefer a tidy winter garden or is a little frowzy more your style?

Tell me in the comments section below for a chance to win a cool pair of Dramm ColorPointâ„¢ Bypass Pruners. They are bright yellow, which makes it easy to find them in the garden. I’ll announce the winner on Friday November 02, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. CST. Click here for the official rules.

678 Responses to Win a Pair of Dramm Hand Pruners

  1. Karen Klee says:

    I like to see a little shabby chic in my yard during the winter months.

  2. I leave my seed heads for the birds and winter snow effect. E.

  3. Dorothy Benson says:

    Since I retired, I enlarged my flower/vegetable garden and enjoyed and shared the produce and plants and flowers. It is a lot of work, but enjoyable. I’m now over 70 and still enjoy it, but it just takes longer to get things done. I’ve worn out my pruners twice and now have to get a new pair – the Dramm pruners you show would really be great and save these arthritic hands a lot of work and pain.

  4. Art Z says:

    Just about finished with the pruning I need to do. I do leave some of the plants and shrubs unpruned for the birds.

    And my old pruner told me it was time he was retired. So, I would welcome a new pruner.

    Enjoy all the good stuff in your newsletter.

  5. Sharon Scheiber says:

    Just finished cutting my hostas. I moved a few years ago from the bay area of CA to the pacific northwest, central part of the state. Each year I find myself cutting back a few more plants than the year before. Otherwise I have an enormus cleanup in the spring time. I have a huge yard with tons to prune, so a pair of good pruners is a must.

  6. Laura Pereira says:

    I could use some good pruners to cut back the plants that are threatening to engulf my front walkway and make Halloween trick-or-treating an obstacle course!

  7. Sharon Scheiber says:

    I just finished pruning my hostas. i moved to the central part of Washington state from the bay area of CA. Have had lots to learn with this move. since I have a very large yard with lots of plants find myself prunning more perinals back in the fall wach year. Otherwise I have to much to do in the spring. A good pair of pruners is a must.

  8. E. George Strasser says:

    I let the birds peck around the grasses, and then I prune them in the spring.

  9. Barbara Couser says:

    We make small “brush piles” out of the pruned branches to provide some shelter for the birds, but we leave vines untrimmed over the winter and that also provides cover for the birds. Also, any plants with seeds are left even though we give them sunflower and mixed seeds along with thistle seed feeders –and water is a must in winter as well as summer. We love to take care of our “feathered friends”!

  10. Garth Owens says:

    Leave as much possible for the animals to forage and use for protection.

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