Win a Pair of Dramm Hand Pruners

I can’t believe what an awesome response we received on this contest. I wish I had more pruners to give away. Today’s winner by random draw is Tammy Hathaway. Congratulations Tammy and thanks to everyone for participating. I’m blown away.

People often ask me about which plants to cut back in autumn and when to cut them back. I advise to wait until a killing freeze to cut back perennials and pull out summer annuals. If a plant had problems during the summer always through the foliage in the trash rather than the compost bin to prevent carrying fungus and disease over into next year.

I like to leave some of my perennials and ornamental grasses uncut for winter interest and bird habitat. How about you? Do you prefer a tidy winter garden or is a little frowzy more your style?

Tell me in the comments section below for a chance to win a cool pair of Dramm ColorPointâ„¢ Bypass Pruners. They are bright yellow, which makes it easy to find them in the garden. I’ll announce the winner on Friday November 02, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. CST. Click here for the official rules.

678 Responses to Win a Pair of Dramm Hand Pruners

  1. jane Kuwana says:

    My best pruners have a nasty notch out of them where I cut a n electrical wire on the ground while cleaning up a fellow Master Gardener’s yard before a garden tour! I was fine and we got the fountain running again, and I helped prune 350 roses last winter before a garden tour so I could use a new pair. I still remember the wonderful tour of the Mountain Home during the national Master Gardeners conference. And the Diamond Frost plant you gave me is still going; I’ve brought the container into my sun room each winter. Thanks.

  2. Frank Shockley says:

    I enjoy your comments on how to grow my garden

  3. Shirley Infinger says:

    Like the look of the dried plants,Often use then for deco, and some for the birds to enjoy.

  4. Cathy Isaacs says:

    I want and need a good pair of Hand Pruners for my yard work.
    I have a large number of bushes and plants that need the appliance.
    Cathy Isaacs

  5. elibath says:

    i am 79 years i need a new pair of dramm hand pruners

  6. Deanna Carey says:

    They come out easier in the spring and in the meantime birds and others can use and enjoy.

  7. Glenn Parsons says:

    Winter garden cleanup gives the gardener time to reflect on the past growing season and to make plans for next year’s garden.
    Gardening failures quite often lead to gardening success.:

  8. Julie Hamilton says:

    I leave the majority of my garden clean up till the spring. Would love to have new pruners to use.

  9. Blake Wofford says:

    I usually cut back my garden so that I will have an easier time of cleaning out the garden and adding more compost and mulch.

  10. Peggy Leach says:

    Would love to win these good looking pruners. They would help to clean up after a summer of almost no rain. Love the color. This would not blend into the dirt and leaves like my present pair do.

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