Win a Pair of Dramm Hand Pruners

I can’t believe what an awesome response we received on this contest. I wish I had more pruners to give away. Today’s winner by random draw is Tammy Hathaway. Congratulations Tammy and thanks to everyone for participating. I’m blown away.

People often ask me about which plants to cut back in autumn and when to cut them back. I advise to wait until a killing freeze to cut back perennials and pull out summer annuals. If a plant had problems during the summer always through the foliage in the trash rather than the compost bin to prevent carrying fungus and disease over into next year.

I like to leave some of my perennials and ornamental grasses uncut for winter interest and bird habitat. How about you? Do you prefer a tidy winter garden or is a little frowzy more your style?

Tell me in the comments section below for a chance to win a cool pair of Dramm ColorPointâ„¢ Bypass Pruners. They are bright yellow, which makes it easy to find them in the garden. I’ll announce the winner on Friday November 02, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. CST. Click here for the official rules.

678 Responses to Win a Pair of Dramm Hand Pruners

  1. Sue B. says:

    Always leave the seed heads!

  2. rose rabbit says:

    Let it continue to grow. Here in West Texas, every leaf is a wonder due to the drought.

  3. Priscilla says:

    I like to leave the coneflowers be so birds can get to them and I like to see the snow on them. Usually cut back the others though.

  4. Susie Boshers says:

    I like a neat winter garden, but we have so many different kinds of birds I have to leave some things alone.

  5. Mary Ann Donahoe says:

    Pruners are my favorite gardening tool! Most of my garden has been trimmed back to the basal leaves (as in Shasta daisies) or chopped down to a reasonable spring height in the case of my shrubs (exception – spring flowering shrubs).

  6. Marcia Zientek says:

    Half my garden gets cut back in fall leaving some sturdier, upright plants to add winter interest until spring. This also distributes the work load.

  7. Melissa Stone says:

    Most of my gardening is to attract wildlife. I leave it all until spring cleanup so the birds can have seeds and protection.

  8. Mary Ann Donahoe says:

    My reply is listed above. Dod I do something wrong?

  9. eula ewing says:

    I am a fussy gardner, but I do leave something for the birds. Berries, B. buttons, and grasses. E.E.

  10. Melissa Stone says:

    Most of my gardening is to attract wildlife. I do most of my cleanup, except tree trimming, in the spring so the birds can have seeds and protection.

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