Laguna Pond Makeover Revealed

Who doesn’t want that perfect sanctuary or getaway? And what if you could get it for free? That’s how we ended up in Bakersfield, California in Kelly Ashe’s backyard. Kelly entered our Laguna Ponds water garden giveaway last May.

P. Allen Smith and Laguna Ponds designed a water garden for Kelly Ashe.

It only took five hours for the Laguna team to install the pond in Kelly’s backyard. Then I stepped in with help from Monji garden center and to surround the water featured with beautiful plants.

Watch the transformation.

Create your own water feature with a terra cotta pot.

20-inch terra cotta pot
4-inch terra cotta pot
Plumber’s epoxy
small pump with fountain attachment

Step 1: Plug the hole in the bottom of the of the container with plumber’s putty. Apply the putty on both the inside and the outside of the container.

Step 2: Place the 4-inch terra cotta pot upside down in the container. This will give the water pump height.

Step 3: Place the pump on the 4-inch terra cotta pot.

Step 4: Fill the container with water until the water line reaches just below the top of the fountain head.

Step 5: Add water plants if you are so inclined.

How to make a water fountain with a terra cotta pot.

7 Responses to Laguna Pond Makeover Revealed

  1. Jody Longboat says:

    Where can i get/purchas the pump/fountain head??

  2. franki says:

    WOW! That looks fantastic AND will bring so much enjoyment!! franki

  3. Kari Ekberg says:

    I would love to have a fountain, but with our water moccasins I am to fearful to have one. With the above ground water fountains, the dogs drink it dry. Still looking for something which will work on our farm.

  4. Well done! A wonderful tranquil spot to relax and listen to the sound of the water. Cindy from

  5. L. Lyle says:

    I love this pond. Kelly you are a lucky girl! Jody, I’ve found fountain pumps at Ace Hardware and seen them in stores that have water fountains in kits. Sometimes the pumps are on the shelf sold separately.

  6. Susan the Grandma says:

    Can I make a do it yourself fountain with either plastic or foam planters? Live in the snow, and my terra cotta pots crack.

    • Chris says:

      Susan, I don’t know about the other materials, but I have a two fountains in my garden that are made from glazed pots. We store them in the shed in the winter. They are about the size of the pot shown in the instructions and are not hard to move when they don’t have water in them. You are right about them cracking in the winter.

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