Rustic Christmas


Every year I pick a Christmas decorating theme drawing inspiration from everyday items or materials from the garden. For instance, in 2010 I went all orange and chartreuse using tons of clementines and this year old fashioned tin ornaments will be my guide. One of my favorite muses was a magnolia leaf. The glossy green top and velvety brown underside sparked the idea to decorate in chocolate browns, white and silver.

Every year I insist on cutting my own fresh tree. The prerequisites are it has to be really large and evergreen. Sometimes getting it from the driveway to inside my back parlor gets a little tricky, but once it's up I can't wait to get started decorating it.

Brown is one of my favorite colors to start the palette when decorating my tree. It is a natural color that blends well with the colors of my cottage. This year I chose white, silver and gold to highlight my tree.

Huge brown velveteen ribbons, silver starburst and beads, glittery snowflakes, golden glass pinecones and homemade white salt dough ornaments lend a rustic feel.

Three silver glass trees highlight a collection of natural evergreens, pinecones and glass ornaments on my buffet. A wooden bowl with ivory candles and green apples intertwined with silver beads rests on my coffee table.

Magnolia leaves with their dual coloration are a beautiful display in a silver vase.

Brown pine cones, silver beads, and frosted ornaments in an antique dough trough add visual interest and carry the theme through to my dining table. It's a great conversation starter for my guests.

How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you stick with a time honored theme or do you change it up every year?

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  1. Lila says:

    Love everything!!! Gives me an idea to spruce up my mom’s home. She needs new paint. What is your room color? Lighting makes the walls look a light lime green. Very attractive.
    I’m a softie for magnolias and silver….and brown velvet….lovely . Merry Cmas.

    • Lila says:

      P.S. My themes have evolved depending on the home style we were in. Early years: contempory. Later: victorian accents. Now: very traditional. I have large glittery magnolias by the way throughout the tree, lots of glittered pine cones, collections of nativity ornaments all over, and inverted drop-glass bells with little electric lights that look like candles. Atop my tree, I have a goldleaf flying cherub holding the wired ribbon that winds down and around the tree. Another sits near the top playing a small harp. Others are around the wreath over my entry door. This has become the theme I most like for my living room in this house, so I just tweak a little each year now. May have to start another tree in another room for four year old grandson.

  2. Lea says:

    I would never have thought to use the chocolate and silver together,it is just stunningly beautyful

  3. Nanette says:

    So refreshing yet reminiscent of old – it’s beautiful and comforting. We have real trees every year, too. Since I’ve been unemployed for over a year I’m finding creative ways to decorate. This year I’m going to make some decorations out of brown paper bags and an old red plaid night gown. I’m going to wrap birch logs with a wide ‘ribbon’ of brown paper bag then a thinner strip of red plaid with real greenery. I’m also using the bag and plaid to make a windsock to hang in the window. It helps the birds not fly into the window and lets us know when the heat comes on.

  4. elaine says:

    I love your decorations. My daughter age 47, my daughter-in-law age 42 and I age 69 sat and showed the grandchildren how to string popcorn and cranberries. Of course the kids gave up right away, but we loved sitting and talking while stringing. I usually have the same look to my tree, but since I have the popcorn garland I decided I would only put on ornaments that were handmade. It was great. Your tree is gorgeous

  5. Teri says:

    Every time I try to change things up, the guys grumble, so I sneak something in or eliminate something so that it’s not too great a change – the year I put a big bow on top and ribbon instead of gold bead . . . you coulda heard them all the way in Arkansas!!! But they’re used to it now – whew!

  6. Lisa L. says:

    Every year the tree is decorated different. This year it is red, silver and white. Utilizing red and white birds from the craft store that clip to the branches, silver glittery sprigs that are inserted into the branches, silver beads, red balls and glittery white snowflakes. In years past its been nature themed with animals, or country with hand-painted wood ornaments. In Colorado we have shops in the mountains that go all-out for Christmas and that is where I like to snag some inspiration!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love the combination of rustic and elegant, just beautiful.

  8. Monica Maiorino says:

    My tree last year was brown, green, silver and white. I got so many compliments and it went well with the neutral tones in my house. I will probably do it similar to last year. I have several smaller trees – one is gold and cream and the other is copper and black. I love christmas! And your tree is beautiful!!!

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