Fabulous Tobi Fairley Giveaway

Congratulations to Marilyn Herdon! She is the randomly selected winner of Tobi’s St. Nick Pillow. Woot woot!

Designer Tobi Fairley joins us today on my blog to spread some holiday cheer with a special giveaway – a pillow from her Saint Nick collection.

Hello, friends and fans of Allen!

Over at my blog, I’m giving thanks for all sorts of wonderful things in my life: people, places, opportunities, experiences, transformations, and more. I am so grateful for wonderful friends like Allen, with whom I can share big ideas about design, entertaining, food, and the outdoors! Another HUGE part of my gratitude is for the pleasure of giving, so I want to give something special to one of you this week to kick-off your holiday season!

If you leave a comment on this post telling Allen and me what you’re giving thanks for this week, you’ll be entered to win one of my Tobi Fairley Home pillows from the Saint Nick collection! The winner will be selected by random draw on Wednesday 12/05/12.

Sometimes an accent pillow is ALL it takes to make a sofa or chair festive and fun for the holiday season!

Find more inspiration from my Pinterest board: Holiday Treats & Decor

(like this sweet pic…)

Best of luck!


372 Responses to Fabulous Tobi Fairley Giveaway

  1. Penny says:

    Every day I try to find time to thank God for family, home, marriage, children, & church.

  2. Jann Bova says:

    I am very thankful for my husband’s returning health after a slip
    and fall which caused a tear in the interior of his carotid artery. I
    am thankful the tear was found in time to prevent a stroke. I am
    also thankful for my daughter and her family living nearby and the
    3 wonderful granddaughters we are able to spend time with. And
    also that my son is home for awhile.

  3. Kathy Dumas says:

    Just thankful to be alive!

  4. This week I am thankful for my family, pets, and a safe house to live in. My heart goes out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Being a Floridian and living on the South East coast of Florida, Sandy passed us as a tropical storm and it could just as easily have been us facing death and destruction. We don’t have a lot of extra money this year but just being together and celebrating the holidays together gives me such a good, warm feeling. I am a cancer survivor 10 years now, so I have learned to appreciate the things I have and not always wanting to have more. Life is precious, every moment of it.

  5. Jan Brady says:

    Thankful for my salvation, my God and country, my entire family and friends. And for the connection of websites that give me delight as yours does. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  6. Family, friends, health, and country–I’m grateful for these, but am most thankful this year for my oldest son’s survival of a lengthy grand mal seizure; for the promptness and professionalism of the
    EMS team, for the two passersby who helped us, one of whom was in nursing school, and for the excellence of the emergency staff at U.C. Davis. He is now well and reunited with his two daughters and three stepsons, and all of us are more appreciative of life than ever before. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

  7. Donna says:

    I’m giving thanks for family and friends!

  8. Betty Wachowiak says:

    I am thankful to God for all he has given me, Family and friends that mean so much to me, and for the health of my family.

  9. Don Goodric says:

    I am thankful for spending Thanksgiving with two of our daughters and one of our grandsons. I am also thankful that all of our daughters were returned home safely from their travels over the holiday.

  10. michelle evans says:

    I am thankful for the blessings in my life that did not require money to buy. My husband and my children.

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