I really love to treasure hunt in antique malls and stores around Arkansas, I always seem to find something I just can’t live without… and usually for a decent price, too! I spent a day last week with my production team at Crystal Hill Antiques and Twin City Antique Mall hunting for furnishings for the new eHow House… and we found some really fun things.

I started the day with a lazy meander through all the different booths. What will I find today!

I like to bring a notebook with me to write down things that I find, their price, and what booth they’re in-
otherwise it gets kind of confusing.



It may be a little pink for my taste, but it’s a good price… and look at this hand stitching! I think quilt tops can make great wall hangings.



You can haggle almost anything, you just have to be willing to ask. Depending on the booth, you can get a lot off of the original price!


I got a little distracted from my original task when I found the china. I’ve got to get some more Old Paris Porcelain… but the old stuff or the new stuff?

I’ve been looking to fill out my Old Paris collection. I like the older, simpler stuff… but maybe I should consider the later, more elaborate designs? It was made from the 1770s to the 1870s and was actually named after a factory in the oldest part of Paris- the Vieux Paris- and shipped to the US through New Orleans.

Ok back on task- I found this quilt at a second hand store and plan on using it in a kids bedroom at the new house… but what can I pair this with?


How about these mulberry transferware plates for $30? I think they’ll look great on a wall, and I can draw other colors from the quilt for my paint choices.

We had quite the successful day- four short clips filmed and lots of fun things haggled and purchased. Hope you stop in next time to hear about our next adventure.


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  1. Terry says:

    Anyone been to Don Clines in Mt Pleasant NC ? It is a real adventure!

  2. Carol Thompson says:

    Hi Ginger,
    My favorite thrift store is America’s Thrift Store off Hwy 31 in Alabaster, AL. They have a room for brand new furniture and a room for used furniture if you’re looking for that and of course they have all the other usual thrift store things. I have gotten many things there. Lately they have had a lot of planters, etc. There are other America’s Thrift Stores in the Huffman/Roebuck area and the Bessemer area. There is also a thrift store called Big Saver in the Huffman/Roebuck area that is pretty nice but I don’t go to those nearly as much. I think the one in Alabaster is the best. The junk store is called J&J Junk Store and is on Hwy 280 in Westover, AL. It is about a 35-40 min drive from me here in Vestavia Hills and well worth it. I highly recommend it. The older stuff is in the shed in front of the store and the really nice things are inside the store. There is a room in the back that has even more stuff, baskets, linens, etc. The antique store here in Vestavia Hills is called Interiors & Antiques Market on Hwy 31 in Vestavia, AL. A nice place. Highly recommend. I hope all this helps. If you need any more info or more specific driving directions, just ask. I’ll be glad to help. Hope you enjoy your time here.

  3. I try to stay away for all the great reasons you stopped. you have more willpower than I. But, love to find quality and art and you can in off the beaten path shops. found a 500 yr old foo dog once. WOW what a memory :-) thanks!

  4. Geri Bell La Place says:

    I am in CA, but a dear friend and her family have an antique store and ice cream parlor in Billings, MO.
    Old Glory Antiques also Old Glory ICParlor. If U are traveling through the area it would make for a fun day. She had beautiful and interesting primitive items.
    I am always telling her about UR show, for sure, the next trip to MO & ARK, we must go to UR grounds (if avail to public).
    Thanks for the fantastic information and entertainment via PBS.

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