Say Yellow to Spring

Congratulations to Alice McMillan and Christine Czarnecki! Your comments are my picks for the book giveaway. Alice I loved all the ways your grandmother used yellow in the garden, especially the traces of yellow on the river rock. Christine, your blue and yellow toile dining rooms sounds so lovely. Hope your search for forsythia was a success!

There were so many amazing comments! Thank you to everyone for participating and for all the fab ideas for using yellow.

A recent visit with The Collected Tabletop author Kathryn Greeley inspired me to get reacquainted with my tableware collection. I’m hopelessly addicted to collecting cream ware, porcelain and transferware. An ardent collector herself, Kathryn showed me some clever ways to set a table with my pieces. With spring’s official arrival tomorrow I’m eager to use some of her tips to create a new tablescape to celebrate the season.

And since it is spring what better color to work with than yellow! Now I’ll admit, yellow isn’t the easiest color for me to work with so I went to designer Tobi Fairley for advice. She sent along this post with a few ideas for incorporating it into a tabletop.

Thanks so much to my good friend Allen for inviting me to be his guest today! Allen is always so kind to share his wisdom on my blog, and it’s such a treat to be here to share with you today!

Speaking of treats, this early summer weather has certainly brought us a few — like lush green landscapes and early blooms. Allen’s beautiful daffodils are always one of the highlights of an Arkansas spring and this year is no different.

The rolling hills of yellow have inspired me to share a few ideas for bringing this vibrant hue to a table setting indoors.
Here are a few of my favorite finds inspired by the daffodils at Moss Mountain Farm.

Aegean Dinner Plate /Yellow and White “Firenze” Fabric for a Tablecloth / White & Yellow Cake Stand /Lacquered Box / Linen Cocktail Napkins / Glass Decanter Set

Choose one of these or mix a few together to create a look that’s fresh as a daffodil!

Happy Decorating!


79 Responses to Say Yellow to Spring

  1. Christine says:

    I like to use yellow a lot especially @ Spring & Easter time. It brightens up the room and makes things look more “hopeful and prosperous” coming out from a clold winter. My daughter & I use bright yellow flowers and bright yellow stuff peeps to adorn our table.

  2. Joanne Romann says:

    After writing an article “Seeing Yellow” describing the role yellow plays in the landscape, I decided to apply these principles to my home. French yellow mixing bowls rest on the kitchen counter, a painting with billowing yellow sails adorns my bedroom wall and yellow pottery strategically placed add cheer to my home in Washington state where gray days often prevail. The yellow accents are the perfect way to make me think sunshine!

  3. Vicki Gillett says:

    Yellow in the spring makes me happy!! Daffodils and yellow tulips always decorate my spring tables!!!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Yellow! Even the word evokes a sense of joy and delight! Yellow immediately brings rememberances of those first cheerful daffodil blooms in the garden even when the days are still quite chilly. They are a promise of warm days ahead. Sunflower’s cheerful yellow faces brighten any day and garden later in the summer. When I give even just a couple of them from my garden the recipients always tells me how they “brighten” their day. Yellow. A pair of sunglasses that go before the wearer with a message of happiness before a word is even spoken. Yellow. The color that warms any room or garden if there’s any shade of it included. Yellow is simply the color of joy!

  5. Lu Lu Martin says:

    I am a dishaholic. I love beautiful tables and linens. The book sound wonderful. I also love the daffodil yellow, but with the heat we are having (I am in Louisiana), spring seems to have passed us by!

  6. Rachenda S. Brien says:

    My favorite way to use yellow is painted on the walls in an art studio. As an art teacher, I have to have the walls in my home studio and in my class room yellow. Yellow goes with everything! It’s a great background for any type of artwork as it creates it’s own energy. I also love huge bouquets of yellow flowers like forsythia and tulips!

  7. Mary says:

    Yellow & white are such welcoming colors after a long winter. I love to make a daffodil bouquet after a long winter.

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