Say Yellow to Spring

Congratulations to Alice McMillan and Christine Czarnecki! Your comments are my picks for the book giveaway. Alice I loved all the ways your grandmother used yellow in the garden, especially the traces of yellow on the river rock. Christine, your blue and yellow toile dining rooms sounds so lovely. Hope your search for forsythia was a success!

There were so many amazing comments! Thank you to everyone for participating and for all the fab ideas for using yellow.

A recent visit with The Collected Tabletop author Kathryn Greeley inspired me to get reacquainted with my tableware collection. I’m hopelessly addicted to collecting cream ware, porcelain and transferware. An ardent collector herself, Kathryn showed me some clever ways to set a table with my pieces. With spring’s official arrival tomorrow I’m eager to use some of her tips to create a new tablescape to celebrate the season.

And since it is spring what better color to work with than yellow! Now I’ll admit, yellow isn’t the easiest color for me to work with so I went to designer Tobi Fairley for advice. She sent along this post with a few ideas for incorporating it into a tabletop.

Thanks so much to my good friend Allen for inviting me to be his guest today! Allen is always so kind to share his wisdom on my blog, and it’s such a treat to be here to share with you today!

Speaking of treats, this early summer weather has certainly brought us a few — like lush green landscapes and early blooms. Allen’s beautiful daffodils are always one of the highlights of an Arkansas spring and this year is no different.

The rolling hills of yellow have inspired me to share a few ideas for bringing this vibrant hue to a table setting indoors.
Here are a few of my favorite finds inspired by the daffodils at Moss Mountain Farm.

Aegean Dinner Plate /Yellow and White “Firenze” Fabric for a Tablecloth / White & Yellow Cake Stand /Lacquered Box / Linen Cocktail Napkins / Glass Decanter Set

Choose one of these or mix a few together to create a look that’s fresh as a daffodil!

Happy Decorating!


79 Responses to Say Yellow to Spring

  1. lynnemeisch says:

    I love yellow in the bedroom. Yellow and blue…it’s always a hit. Add a jug of daffodils right now and you can’t miss. I’m a big fan of yellow in the garden too!

  2. […] charming and oh-so-talented P. Allen Smith is giving away two copies of my book on his blog today! Head on over to Allen’s blog to share your favorite way to use yellow and you’ll be entered to […]

  3. Betty Carter says:


  4. Joan says:

    Yellow is called the “friendly color” and for a reason. It is the color of my kitchen and the room that all my friends feel welcome in. My husband took me to the daffodil festival in Nantucket one year and it is an explosion of yellow. The streets are lined with daffodils, the store fronts compete to decorate their windows with the beautiful bulbs. They also have a tailgate party where there is a prize for the best decorated tailgate and they go all out! There are silver ice buckets , mint julip cups all filled with to the brim with daffodils. It has inspired in me to have a daffodil brunch to celebrate this wonderful first sign of Spring.

  5. Tom Corbin says:

    Yellow is the signature color of spring – it just comes naturally! Living in a small townhouse, I have daffodils in varying shades of yellow along all three sides punctuated with blue and yellow pansies. In addition, pots of yellow pansies and tulips “guard” the front steps leading to the front door featuring a wreath of laurel leaves and lemons. Unfortunately our abnormally warm “spring” (or whatever this season is called this year) in Northern Virginia has everything in bloom NOW, so it’s a riot of yellow!

  6. Judy Toys says:

    We live in our small lake house and love crisp bright white with lovely
    White napkins, hand embroidered in buttercup yellow, and bright red poppies as an informal arrangement are a cheery way to sit down to a spring table.

  7. Kathy Henry says:

    My favorite guestroom in our house is a lovely lemon yellow with blue willow plates arranged above the headboard. Blue hydrangea wallpaper in the adjoining bath with yellow accents is truly lovely. A bouquet of white daisies, yellow daffodils and acuba when a guest arrives gives just the right welcoming touch of yellow for a spring visit.

  8. Dana Kingrey says:

    We are Virginia natives, so when we moved to Michigan 15 years ago, I knew I need to surround myself with all things Southern and yellow seemed the best way to begin. The foyer, hallway, study, and living room are all a crisp colonial yellow. The decor is very eclectic…PotteryBarn meets Ralph Lauren, meets Southern preppy girl, so yellow is the perfect constant when adding reds, blues, pinks and greens to the mix. Right now my yard is popping up daffodils everywhere in this unseasonably warm March in Michigan…82 today!

    Allen, I watch you whenever I can and love your gardening tips. I would be honored to have a copy of Kathryn’s book. Entertaining is my favorite thing to do and I would love to incorporate her style into my things for my friends to enjoy.

    Dana :-)

  9. Sue Walsh says:

    Yellow is such a happy color to use in the home! A lemon tree planted in Italian pottery or vases full of yellow tulips and/or roses can make anyone smile even on the dreariest day. A bowl of lemons in the kitchen too can inspire some great culinary creations. A room painted in a beautiful shade of yellow or gold is one to be remembered :)

  10. Dorothy says:

    I remember back when I was little seeing a field of daffodils. Here is a description of the scene as I remember it.

    There were thousands of daffodils and the leaves were just coming out on the trees, the sky was a deep blue with puffy white clouds being moved by a gentle warm breeze. I could decorate my table like that….a deep blue cloth, white napkins, green glassware and oodles of daffodils in vases down the middle of the table.

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