Spring is Luncheon Season!

For more spring party inspiration read my column in this month’s issue of AY magazine. You can find it online here. Read the entire article here.

The equinox on March 20th is the official beginning of spring, which is cause for celebration don’t you think?

Hosting a get-together doesn’t need to be a lot of work, especially during this gentle season. You can make your fete memorable and keep it simple by following these helpful tips.


Use both indoor and outdoor spaces. To accommodate spring’s unpredictable weather set up the dining indoors and the pre-meal gathering outdoors. Your guests can enjoy some time in the garden, but you won’t have to scramble if the day turns out dreary.


Be old-fashioned and send a written invitation. This extra step makes even small gatherings more special.


Luncheons are tailor-made for fresh spring ingredients like salad greens, English peas and asparagus so stick to dishes that feature the flavors of the season.

Table Setting

Spring is the most ethereal season; set a special table to reflect this feeling. Use spring-centric colors or delicate tableware to set the tone. You can’t go wrong with a white table cloth, but bright hues are a fun way to create a lively mood.


26 Responses to Spring is Luncheon Season!

  1. Margaret M says:

    Lovely settings, but the outdoor one looks like a bee convention waiting to happen!

  2. Linda Lyle says:

    Love the top table setting using moss. Allen, you always have such beautiful table settings at your place. Sending hand written invites is always a hit, especially with older folks who miss the old ways. Use beautiful embossed cardstock and quality inks. People will never forget that you sent this to them.

  3. Margie Gonzalez says:

    Beautiful, as always!

  4. Joyce says:

    Allen I like the out door setting with the beutiful tree. What kind of tree flowers like that? Can I grow it in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California? Joyce

  5. Mary Fay says:

    Yes, the table setting outdoors is especially beautiful with the moss. That would be pretty at Christmas time, too, or the first day of summer. Some additional spring food ideas are strawberries and eggs. Thanks, Alan, for the inspirations.

  6. Brittany Mellow says:

    Great tips for a spring party! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kathy Eckler says:

    Always love your ideas, but the bees are sure to intervere with your party.


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  9. Emily Gentry says:

    I love the spring luncheon ideas and would love to see you do a section on decorating the front porch.

  10. Rebecca Trosclair says:

    I so enjoy your wonderful ideas. The springtime luncheon was
    a beautiful expression of using natural materials to decorate a table setting.

    I watch you show on Saturday morning in my area at 6:30 am.
    Boy, I do like all of the interesting places you visit and great
    ideas. Thanks for all your inspiration!

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