Season XI P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home

It wasn’t too long ago that Garden Home was just an idea kicking around in my head. It’s amazing what can happen in 11 years. The concept has since blossomed into 6 books, a half hour show on public television and the Moss Mountain Farm Garden Home. Going from concept to reality seemed pretty slow going while I was in the thick of it, but when I look back now I wonder how it all went by so quickly.

So here we are a decade and countless cups of coffee later ready to kick off Season XI of the P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home television series. While I’m puzzled over the speed of passing time, I am thrilled that we are celebrating the second decade of the show.

To mark the occasion I’d like to share a little photo montage I call “Where’s Brent?” Our videographer Brent has been with the company for 7 of the 11 seasons. A quiet but constant presence, Brent is the man behind all the captivating imagery in the shows. As you can see by some of these photos, he’ll do anything to get a good shot.

Getting a shot of blueberry fields in Oregon.

Brent and the camera all suited up to get cover of soy foam insulation going in.

A rare moment when Brent got out from behind the camera to check out microbes in soil.

This year we upgraded the camera and added a 2nd unit. Better HD quality and no more tapes to lug around. Was Brent excited? It's hard to say because he's a quiet fella, but I think I overheard him giggling the day it arrived.

Hanging out at EuroAmerican Propagators in California.

It happens so rarely here that I go a little crazy when it snows. Brent and our field producer Patrick are always there to get cover, even going so far as climbing on the roof & riding in helicopters.

Hanging with the guys fishing at the crack of dawn. Just in case you can't tell by the photo, it was bitter cold that day.

There are SOME perks to being our videographer. Last summer we took a sunset cruise in Chicago. Of course, Brent had to WORK, but it beats standing on a roof in the snow.

31 Responses to Season XI P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home

  1. Karla Abel says:

    Brent is an adventurer for you, Allen. He does great work and it shows that he goes the extra mile to have the public see fantastic shots that he gets for the show. We love your show and are waiting for the new season to start. I love seeing the re-runs, but new would be nice as well. We know how busy you are with the shows, writing your great garden books, having two homes, appearances, and other project or endeavors you are involved in and it is hard to
    find time to start the new seasons. Please keep it all coming our way, we love it all including your website. Success continues for you and your show.

  2. Brent Walker says:

    Thanks everyone for your gracious comments. Looking at these pictures have brought back a lot of great memories and reminds me how blessed I am to have experienced so much in the last 5 years. Bill, thanks for your kind words and thanks for the encouragement and help you gave me during my first couple of years with Allen. Thanks to everyone for watching our show and supporting us. I never would imagine the places I would go and the things I would do to get a great shot. PS. Dont tell my wife about some of the crazy things we do.

  3. Pete Granger says:

    Hey Guys: Thanks for the great work that you do. I’m sure it gets hot there in Arkansas in the summer, but you stay out there to bring all of us a great program! Thank You. I’ll be watching.

  4. Susan Banman says:

    Was thrilled to find out that you are my nephew’s wife’s cousin! My wonderful nephew, Derek Long, is married to your cousin, Natalie Shaw! Love your work so I was very pleased about our “connection!”

  5. Martha L. Wilson says:

    Brent looks so young to be so good for so long, I can’t imagine him being with you that many years…but that only shows my age. I am now a great grandmother so everyone looks young to me.

    Your shows and books are about the only things that excite me any more, and Brent has been a large part of the excitement to get all the great shots he does. Thank you both for allowing me to learn through your knowledge and shows.

  6. Lina says:

    Thanks Brent for all your hard work and beautiful shots…. I love the show and look forward to many, many years of production!!

  7. allen i watch your garden show every single day.i can’t get enough of it!!!!!!-it has helped me get through the “winter blaghs”.looking forward to “spring” and the “knowledge” you have “supplied”-

    thank you!!!!!!-lou desena

  8. Mary Law Miller says:

    Great job, I love the show and all your suggestions for my garden. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  9. marlene says:

    Wish you were in SoCal for tips on zone 9. You are a fountain of energy and information and you do get around.

  10. Ann says:

    My son’s name is Brent also. So when I saw the caption “Where’s Brent” my first thought was that you wondered why Brent (my son) didn’t subscribe to this website . I love your website and your show when I am free to catch it.

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