We’re Building Great Things!

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you some big news in our world. As you may know, on Friday, Google announced a massive, global effort to produce thousands of hours of exclusive premium content on YouTube.

What you probably haven’t heard yet is that I will be part of the 100+ channels joining the YouTube channel expansion! Beginning later this month, you can find me at the new eHow Home channel. We are excited to join the ranks of some of the world’s top content producers, including the Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters, Hearst Magazines and celebrities such as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Lance Armstrong and Shaquille O’Neal.

Our new eHow Home YouTube channel will focus largely on a new house and garden that I am building at Moss Mountain Farm, home to the taping of both our PBS and syndicated shows. The home will be small and affordable and designed in the vernacular style typical of the 1830s. While traditional in style, it will be built with sustainable building methods, technologies,  products, and with energy conservation in mind.

Aside from the sheer joy it’s going to be to begin building a new home on the farm, there’s also the thrill of being part of making history. Google has a bold, aggressive vision to build the future of media, and we are honored to be joining the best in content providers to make it happen. We’re ready for the challenge and to bring our experience, knowledge and passion of home and garden to viewers around the world.

Our partner on this new venture is the very seasoned Demand Media (NYSE: DMD), based in Santa Monica, Calif., a company ranked among YouTube’s most visited sites. Demand Media will oversee the eHow Home channel, and our team will be providing all the content, which will be filmed in Arkansas, with the majority of filming taking place at Moss Mountain Farm.

For a full list of the new YouTube channels, click here.

To read the full news release with all the details, click here.

To see a sneak peek video and subscribe to the eHow Home Channel, click here.

We hope you’ll check us out on YouTube and get the inside scoop on building a green home (inside and out) from the ground up, not to mention all sorts of other great tips and projects to unify your home and garden. See you on YouTube!



2 Responses to We’re Building Great Things!

  1. Linda Pastorino says:

    Hi Allen,
    I am happy for your utube destination. I will be interested to see what you can do for 150,000 , keeping in mind the retreat home which really looks every bit the old house you intended it to be. From the description, this new building will be based on an 1830’s house. I find it hard to believe that you can do it for that amount, yet maybe the labor is cheaper than in NJ. I have just completed a room on a larger addition( which took me two years, also done like yours but on an original historical 18th c house. An orangry family room of sorts. It took too long as only two people were building and a few subs doing other things however the cost of which was near what you are slated to spend and this is not yet complete and still needs alot of work. Do you get materials given to you in trade for advertisment and or is the budget for the whole really 150,000? I continually see these incredible renos and or builds on tv for very little money and can not understand it unless much of the labor is either free and or advertisers pay for supplies to save costs. I buy whole sale also but perhaps the labor is cheaper ? Also the aloted time frame says to me that you will have a huge crew working on it. You did a great job with your other buildings, will be interested to see this progress. I think since the budget and time is so much a part of this, you should be up front wiht the running costs so we can really see what you are putting in and paying for the labor and materials. It would be very helpful.
    thanks for your shows,

  2. Liz Rennan says:

    I’m very excited about your new project. I’ve followed the building of the GardenHome Retreat – inside and out. Looking forward to the progress. Thanks for making this available.

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