Congratulations to Ellie! Girl, you’ve got a pretty bad case of Barnheart!We’re sending you a copy of Jenna’s book.

Thanks to everyone for commenting. You’ve all painted wonderful pictures of rural life.

Do you have Barnheart? According to author and homesteader Jenna Woginrich Barnheart is a “dreamer’s disease” that attacks “those of us who wish to God we were outside with our flocks, feed bags, or harnesses instead of sitting in front of a computer screen.” Symptoms include studying chicken coop plans, daydreaming about heritage livestock breeds and calling in sick to work in the garden.

I am no stranger to the Barnheart syndrome so it was with relish that I read Jenna’s memoir Barnheart*. Her story of setting up her first homestead in Vermont is thoughtful and humorous and will definitely ease your longing for the farm life.

In between tales of caring for her expanding menagerie, and tending the garden she articulately describes that feeling of independence and satisfaction that comes from having homegrown food right outside the back door. It should be no surprise that my favorite chapter is about her turkey TD (Thanksgiving Dinner).

These days Jenna is living in New York. She is the author of three other books and a blog called Cold Antler Farm.

If you think Barnheart is just what the doctor ordered for your “dreamer’s disease” here’s your chance to win a copy. Tell me about your homesteading daydream in the comments section below.

I’ll select a winner on Friday February 10, 2012, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

*I received a review copy of Barnheart from my friends at Storey Publishing.

35 Responses to Barnheart

  1. Sherry Georg says:

    Just, yesterday I was telling a customer of how when I was a young girl and riding for hours on the back of one of our work horses “Mac and Maude”, while my father was planting crops using them to pull the planter……The smell of those horses…”barnheart” priceless…

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  3. elaine says:

    I will try again, I typed the comment out and then put in the wrong code and lost everything. My husband and I thought when we retired and bought one acre of land it would be enough. We have been visiting our local llama dealers and it has made us want more land.
    We garden all ready with an above ground garden, veggies and herbs. I even grow greens in the winter here in Florida. We would like to have chickens, llamas for their wool, and goats (I am allergic to cows milk products). I make my own yogurt from goats milk. We love to landscape our property and we also have fruit trees. Our neighbors have some different fruit trees and we all barter and trade. We have health issues now I have heart problems and had breast cancer and my husband tends to get bouts of pancretitis so we have cut down on meat products and foods with preservatives in our food. I was a home ec teacher and canning is not a problem for us. This next year I am going to make orange marmalade from my over abundant orange tree.
    We had thought an acre would be enough but we would like wide open spaces. My husband helped his uncle build a barn in Keystone Heights, Fl and has always wanted one like it.
    We are in the early 70’s but looking for more adventure to our life.

  4. Ellie says:

    Oh My Stars! I didn’t find this out until today as our internet has been down! I’m so excited! Thank you!

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