Design maven Tobi Fairley is back with this guest post about one of my favorite summer fabrics – seersucker.

Hello Allen’s readers…and hello summer!!

Warmer temps and the relaxed, lazy days of summer call for a cool, casual fabric that can be your go-to for any situation. What am I talking about? Seersucker, of course!

I recently had the opportunity to host an entire party built around the simplistic beauty of this carefree fabric. It’s featured in this month’s issue of Southern Living. You can check out those tips for building a party theme around this popular pattern here, but today I want to share with you a few of the reasons why I have a passion for seersucker.

1. It’s refined — yet, relaxed. In other words, it’s one of the most multipurpose fabrics known to man. I used it to create a beautiful luncheon table, gentlemen don it for the Kentucky Derby, and yet it’s still a beach-bum favorite for shorts and skirts. The classic stripes give it a polished appeal, while the lightweight cotton fabric makes it easy to use or wear!

2. Wrinkles are welcomed. Like I said, it’s relaxed. Part of seersucker’s beauty lies in the “puckers” or characteristic wrinkles you’ll find in the pattern. They are like a great patina on an old weather vane or a wooden fence that has gotten just the right amount of sun. They add character and give the fabric part of its appeal. Plus, there’s no need to iron!

3. Can you say Southern staple? From the Carolina shores to The Grove, you’ll find seersucker being displayed in every Southern state. Whether it’s a monogrammed set of cocktail napkins, a child’s swimsuit or an upholstered settee, nothing screams summer in the South like seersucker. The U.S. Senate even has a day known as “Seersucker Thursday” where all members are encouraged to wear suits cut from this cloth. The tradition is a nod to the days when Senators from the South changed to the lightweight fabric during the warm months, and in turn started a trend that was followed by their friends from the North.

Can you see why I love it so much?? It’s hard not to like something that’s tried-and-true as well as versatile. Leave a comment and tell us how you use seersucker.

Happy summer!

xo, Tobi

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8 Responses to Seersucker

  1. Mary Kay says:

    I feel that seersucker is like “the Holy Grail” of the South with an Amen to Summer. Love it.

  2. Pat Dossett says:

    Seersucker is such a wonderful fabric for childrens clothes and so easy to keep clean…my fondess memory is of making sun dresses and short sets for my two daughters when they were children…

  3. Fran Rogers says:

    Nothing looks or stays as fresh and comfortable in summer heat and humidity like seersucker. As folks are reminded of it in articles and in blogs such as this, it will become even more available in our ever-warming world! Thanks.

  4. Franki Parde says:

    Seersucker shower curtains are one of my favorites…you know, that fabric doesn’t get enough exposure! THANKS! franki p.s. the So Liv article was a FUN read!

  5. Patti Bennett says:

    Seersucker is always in style. I can remember as a child seeing my great uncle from New Orleans in his seersucker suit and noticing how he stood out. Now in 2012 my husband wears his seersucker suit in the summer. No matter what your age everyone looks good in seersucker.

  6. JH Loomis says:

    Nothing makes a man look more handsome during the hot summer months than a seersucker suit. If you are, you somehow look more mature; and if you are older, it just seems to put a spring in your step. Never stuffy – always stylish!

  7. Debbie Arnold says:

    So pretty as always’

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