Dress your Table for Fall!

Hello again, friends and fans of Allen!

What a relief that the weather here in Arkansas is cooling down; it’s really getting me in the Fall spirit!

Because I share Allen’s passion for entertaining, I thought I would offer some ideas for creating a Fall tablescape that is still bold and bright. No muted tones for us this Fall, we’re going festive!

This month, you can find me on the pages of Traditional Home, inviting you into MY home for a dinner fit for Fall. There are also fun tidbits–including reicpes!–over at their website recap.



(event photographer: Emily Followill)

For a special party, consider transforming your dining chairs with slipcovers that work well with your chosen decor. And this faux bois wingchair, upholstered with fabric from my upcoming Tobi Fairley Home line, strikes a rustic note without taking away from the glamour of this event design.


On this table, I drew out the green accents from my living room design and then punched it up with a gorgeous sapphire blue. Monograms are a detail I love; it gives linens a very tailored, sophisticated, Southern touch.


The place setting and invitations (from Molly’s Paperie) extend the antler motif, which also appears as a grouping of wall-hangings (see photo above).


These lovely acorns really enhance the seasonal feel!

23 Responses to Dress your Table for Fall!

  1. Vickie Padgett says:

    Tobi’s note reads: “I thought I would offer some ideas for creating a Fall tablescape that is still bold and bright. No muted tones for us this Fall, we’re going festive!” After reading that, I didn’t really expect the beautiful rust, orange & gold colors that we’re accustomed to in the fall, tho I do miss them. I think this tablescape is fresh & different & I do like, but I probably wouldn’t use it in my home. I LOVE the china & the monograms are to die for! Would love to know where to purchase both.

  2. Judy Abney says:

    I have to agree with Nancy. Nothing in these pictures speaks either of fall or P. Allen Smith. I always love the newsletter, but this is disappointing to say the least.

  3. Kathryn O'Neal says:

    Simple solution: Do not title your piece Dress Your Table for Fall. Everyone has preconcieved ideas about fall. Neither the pictures nor the text spoke to fall, therefore it could only disappoint.

  4. Sharon Schmuhl says:

    Interesting table setting; love the antler ideas. Deer and anything close are big in our family in MICHIGAN.

  5. dunia rosa says:

    I find everything very nice people should try not to be critical and take what is good for them and leave the rest , is all a matter of taste that is all.

  6. Cathy says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such nasty comments. What ever happened to basic courtesy. It’s possible to say something honestly without being rude about it.

    Personally, I would not set my table this way, but I can appreciate and take from it several ideas that would look lovely in my own home, and isn’t that the purpose of this kind of article, after all?

    I’m also not a fan of the large sunflowers, but I found small Cinderella pumpkins that are similar in size tht will look stunning with pine boughs and I am planning to use them on our table for Thanksgiving.

    Seeing the massive display made me think how lovely a dramatic arrangement of peonies might look in the spring.

    While the antlers are not to my personal decorating taste, I have friends who would absolutely love this idea. To each his own. However, they made me realize that a shofar could be used in the same way and that would be perfect for a Rosh Hashanah dinner. And some pieces of driftwood similarly used would really add to a nautical themed tablescape any time of the year.

    As for the slipcovers…. what a fabulous idea and the element I appreciate most about the entire design. I always struggle with trying to set a holiday or seasonal table that doesn’t clash with the floral upholstery of our dining room chairs. I never thought to simply craft a simple slipcover to camouflage them. What a simple yet totally inspired idea! Thanks Tobi, and Thanks P. Allen!

  7. Cathy says:

    I don’t know exactly what she has there for her place settings but the chargers look identical to some vintage Limoges ones I have. I love the green because it can be used with so many different china patterns, and I like to mix and match odd pieces on my table.

  8. pamnwv says:

    Not to my taste, looks more winter than fall to me, I do like the floral arrangement.

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