Dress your Table for Fall!

Hello again, friends and fans of Allen!

What a relief that the weather here in Arkansas is cooling down; it’s really getting me in the Fall spirit!

Because I share Allen’s passion for entertaining, I thought I would offer some ideas for creating a Fall tablescape that is still bold and bright. No muted tones for us this Fall, we’re going festive!

This month, you can find me on the pages of Traditional Home, inviting you into MY home for a dinner fit for Fall. There are also fun tidbits–including reicpes!–over at their website recap.



(event photographer: Emily Followill)

For a special party, consider transforming your dining chairs with slipcovers that work well with your chosen decor. And this faux bois wingchair, upholstered with fabric from my upcoming Tobi Fairley Home line, strikes a rustic note without taking away from the glamour of this event design.


On this table, I drew out the green accents from my living room design and then punched it up with a gorgeous sapphire blue. Monograms are a detail I love; it gives linens a very tailored, sophisticated, Southern touch.


The place setting and invitations (from Molly’s Paperie) extend the antler motif, which also appears as a grouping of wall-hangings (see photo above).


These lovely acorns really enhance the seasonal feel!

38 Responses to Dress your Table for Fall!

  1. Sharon Alexander says:

    Where can I get the acorns you are displaying on your table?

    • Nancy says:

      This is not why I look at P.Allen Smith’s newsletter. This room is a horror (only fitting we’re getting close to Halloween). It does not smack of the down-home color, pleasing and comfortable images of his newsletter. The acorns (nicer ones than that) I found last year at a beautiful shop in my hometown, and not ghastly black. The room scares me, frankly with those man-eating sunflowers on the table, cheap looking blue glasses–it doesn’t come together for me. I have nice things, silver and china. Too much white, white, and I think P.Allen Smith has lovely taste…usually. If I want high-fallutin’ stuff I can look at an unaffordable magazine. We are not in Versailles per your other article…we’re just plain folks and decorate within our means and not Gaga-ish, or as in this case, we would have to remove the final “a” in Gaga. Sorry to bust your balloon. I normally love everything in his newsletter.

    • L. Pollack says:

      I feel your comments were rather harsh & vendictive. Not everything appeals to everyone. No need to be so insulting & offensive. I thought it was a refreshing addition to the newsletter. There were alot of things that did not appeal to me, however, I do have manners and try not to hurt or insult anyone’s feelings or efforts. I feel you owe someone an apology

    • Amy Davis says:

      This table setting is also shown in the October Traditional Home.
      The acorn salt and peppers are available from Michael Aram (michaelaram.com) per the Traditional Home article.

    • Aurora says:

      I think that the monograms are not TWF, but rather wtF! Sorry, but I have to agree with Nancy. I understand that people have different tastes, but to me, this just scares me!

  2. Sharon Alexander says:

    Where can I find the acorns you are displaying on your table?

  3. Marianne Wentzel says:

    Love those acorns. Another request for “where”?

  4. […] (including how YOU can create a Fall Feast that’s vibrant and fresh), over at my friend┬áP. Allen Smith’s blog. Don’t miss […]

  5. Porsche Leigh says:

    gotta agree with Nancy (the “horn” napkin holders are distasteful, at best) the overall theme is out of what I usually see here. Gaga themed strange.

  6. Nancy Downs says:

    I really LIKE the chair slip covers!. They could be easily changed to a different color scheme if you don’t like so much white. But the basic pattern is a great idea. Can the pattern be purchased? And I like the faux bois wing chair, too. It gives a relaxed homey feel to the table like a person could just curl up and chat away the evening. My advice to the people who complained about the look —- don’t be so stuck in a rut. Open your minds and know there are other ideas out there. Even if it isn’t to your personal taste, your distasteful comments were definitely rude!

  7. Sharon says:

    Orange! Where O where is the color orange in this lovely table arrangement? Guess I am more of a traditionalist…

    • Cathy says:

      Some of the glasses are an orange-amber…. personally, orange looks really horrible in our decor and so I struggle wtih “autumn” themes for decorating. Being able to tone it down the way she has here makes it much more appealing to me. The way she blends the amber/orange, green and sapphire would look nice with our decor.

  8. Deborah says:

    I think this table setting is lovely. Thank you for a great idea!

  9. Angie says:

    Like the idea of having table settings. I’m always looking for fresh ideas for my table and although I don’t always agree with some of the decor, I can always find something I can take to my table. Thank you so much.

  10. Franki Parde says:

    Wow – I’m loving the look!! Plan to use “my own versions” of this very look for our Thanksgiving table. franki

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