Behind the Scenes: Glam Up Your Garden

One of the main “products” my company produces is content – for television, YouTube, web and social media. The past few weeks we’ve been working on a “weekend warrior” idea to illustrate how to glam up a garden in one day with colorful annuals from Proven Winners®. For this topic we’re produced photos, an article for my website and a segment for television.

It took a team of people and a few colorful plants to make transform this idea into a reality.

1. Chip – Stylist, florist, and general Jack-of-all-trades

2. Bill – Video editor and go to guy for source of salvaged house parts

3. Anna Claire – Co-conspirator of the written word

4. Rockapulco® Rose Impatiens – Queen of the summer annuals for shade

5. Nikki – Producer par excellence, woman of many talents

6. Keegen – Digital artisan and idea guy

7. Charmed® Wine Oxalis – Purveyor of continuous summer color

8. Robbie – Cruncher of code, drinks out of a Darth Vader coffee mug

9. Catalina® Pink Torenia – A little something different for summer color

10. Brent – Man of mystery who just wants to create beautiful video

Step 1 – Creative Meeting
The first thing we did was talk. Sometimes we get together in advance; sometimes it’s a day before the shoot. During our creative meeting we kicked around ideas. Then Anna Claire headed off to write and Nikki to iron out the details and set a schedule.

Step 2 – Logistics
Next we set a date and location and picked up the props. The weekend warrior story was about how to spruce up an average size flower border, so we picked the City Garden Home for our location. Chip and I discussed the Proven Winners® plants we wanted to use and he got them pulled together.

Step 3 – Writing
With the plants and location decided, Anna Claire and I got to work on writing a story. I gave her some general ideas I wanted to cover and she flushed it out. Then she handed the copy over to Nikki who rewrote it in script format.

Step 4 – Shoot the Cover
With the story in place Nikki and Brent headed out to tape the before, during and after shots of planting annuals – cover video that accompanies the voice over narration.

Step 5 – Shoot the On Cameras and Voice Overs
Around the office they call me “the talent.” As the talent it’s my job to do the on camera and voice over narrations. The former involves me standing in front of a camera talking; in the latter Brent records my voice. We shot the on cameras at a garden center so I could discuss plant selection for this project. The voice overs were shot in the studio.

Step 6 – Editing
With everything shot, our editor Bill got the video and turned it into a segment that will be used in the half hour show P. Allen Smith Gardens and online. He wove together the on cameras, cover shots and voice overs.

Step 7 – Programming
While the editing was going on, Keegen and Robbie in the web department took the original copy that Anna Claire wrote put it on the website. These days everything is digital so to get images all they had to do was freeze a frame of the video.

And that’s how we go from an idea to a piece of content that we can use both on television and the web! Click here to read the article. Watch the video online in about 3 weeks.