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Knock Out® Roses

Variety info

The Knock Out® Rose

The original member of The Knock Out® Family. This shrub rose set a new standard in disease resistance with little to no maintenance required. The bloom cycle produces rich cherry red/hot pink blooms that will continue until the first hard frost. Black spot resistant, drought tolerant and self-cleaning, this rose suits every garden and every lifestyle.

The Double Knock Out® Rose

From the same cross that produced the original Knock Out,® The Double Knock Out® Rose represents the next generation in the family of The Knock Out® Roses. The full double flowers look just like a classic rose. What it gained in beauty it did not lose in performance. It is as resistant to black spot as the famous original, has the same bloom cycle and is slightly more winter hardy. A shrub rose with a classic look and the toughness that you expect from a member of The Knock Out® Family.

The Pink Knock Out® Rose

Single petals just like the original Knock Out® but in a beautiful shade of bright pink. And like the other members of the family, The Pink Knock Out® Rose is black spot resistant, drought tolerant and self-cleaning. A perfect companion to other shrubs, roses and perennials.

The Pink Double Knock Out® Rose

A bright bubble gum pink version of The Double Knock Out® Rose that is very stable and also unfazed by the heat. Classic shaped flowers from early Spring to the first frost. With superior drought tolerance once established, it has the toughness and resistance for which the family is known. A vibrant color that perks up any landscape.

The Rainbow Knock Out® Rose

Uniquely colored coral pink blooms with yellow centers, The Rainbow Knock Out® Rose is more compact than the other members. Rarely affected by black spot. New foliage appears deep burgundy, aging to dark green.

The Blushing Knock Out® Rose

With similar flowers to The Knock Out® Rose, this variety has light pink blooms that, with age, fade to a delicate subtle pink. This shrub rose will be a versatile addition to any landscape.

The Sunny Knock Out® Rose

This newest release from Rose Breeder, Bill Radler is the only fragrant member in The Knock Out® Family of Roses. It has a slightly more compact and upright habit than The Knock Out® Rose with bright yellow flowers that fade quickly to a pastel cream color. The yellow color stays more intense during cooler times of the year. The dark, semi-glossy foliage contrasts nicely with the bright blooms.