Chilled Seafood And Baby Root Vegetable Salad

Chilled Seafood And Baby Root Vegetable Salad

Savannah has always been a fun place to visit - the architecture, history and gardens are all big draws for me. And the food can't be beat! I just love the local specialties and tasty twists on traditional Southern cuisine. During a trip to Savannah last spring I met up with chef Chris Nason of the Sapphire Grill and he gave me this recipe for cold seafood salad. Chris leaves the choice of root vegetables to the cook. I like to use whatever is readily available, usually baby carrots and fingerling potatoes. Parsnips, rutabagas, turnips and celeriac would also work.


In a large mixing bowl add all the ingredients except the lobster, crab and herbs.

Whisk vigorously.

Add the crab, lobster and herbs and gently toss.

Serve immediately.


Recipe provided by Chris Nason.

Time to prepare: 15 minutes.


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