Dirt And Worm Pudding

Last summer I threw a container garden party for the young gardeners I know. Each child created a personalized container that they could enjoy all summer. After all that planting the kids were plenty hungry. One of the most popular treats I served was individual terra-cotta pots filled with a mix of crushed cookies, chocolate pudding, and whipped topping decorated with candy worms.

You can learn about more ideas for seasonal celebrations like this in my latest book, Living in the Garden Home.


Prepare the pudding mix and milk according to box directions, and then fold the whipped topping into the pudding.

Crush the cookies in a blender and mix half into pudding mixture.

Spoon mixture into clear plastic cups that will fit into small terra-cotta pots. Then top with remaining crushed cookie crumb "dirt." Place gummy worms on top of the cups.

Slip the cups in the terra-cotta pots.


Time to prepare: 15 minutes.

Serves 14.


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