Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup is a staple around my house. I can throw everything in a pot and have a hearty meal ready in a few hours.

The nice thing about split pea soup is that once you know the basic ingredients you can modify the recipe to suit your tastes. Try substituting the ham hock with bacon or sausage. Or try a vegetarian version with no meat and vegetable broth in place of the water.



Heat the olive oil in a stock pot.

Add the onions, pepper and salt. Cook until the onions are soft. Add the garlic and cook for a few minutes more, being careful not to burn the garlic.

Add the peas, water, bay leaf and ham hock. Bring to boil and then reduce heat. Cover and simmer for an hour and a half.

Remove the ham hock and bay leaf.

Transfer half of the soup into a large bowl and set aside.

Puree the remaining soup with an immersion blender or in a food processor or blender.

Combine the pureed and non-pureed soup in the stock pot and reheat. If it's too thick, add more water a little at a time until the desired consistency is reached. Season with salt and pepper as needed.

Pull pieces of meat from the ham hock and add to the soup.

Ladle the soup into a bowl. Drizzle with a little olive oil, top with croutons and serve.


Time to prepare: 2 hours.

Serves 6.


  • leakyseive says:

    I made this soup for Thanksgiving instead of Turkey and all the trimmings, it was the best bowl of soup I've ever eaten. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    November 25, 2012 06:35pm

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