We all know that food grown locally tastes the best when it gets to our table. It's fresher and because it's picked in season at its peak ripeness, it boasts the finest flavor. Plus we feel good about buying from our neighbors and supporting Arkansas's economy.

Arkansas Grown, a program by the Arkansas Agriculture Department, seeks to bolster farmers in the state by better connecting local producers and buyers.

Arkansas Grown strives to increase the number of grocery stores, businesses and restaurants carrying Arkansas produce while raising public awareness about the state's thriving farms and encouraging consumers to opt for local choices.


Be a Part of the Arkansas Grown Revolution

There's a revolution coming. A revolution for locally grown food and products. That's why Arkansas Grown is looking to sign up farmers and local merchants to help connect them with buyers. When people see the Arkansas Grown label, they know it's locally grown, going from farmer, to the market, to the table at the peak of ripeness. Join the food revolution and proudly display the Arkansas Grown label.

Visit ArkansasGrown.org for more information.

Where to Purchase Arkansas Grown Produce

When you see the Arkansas Grown label, it means all of the above. Foods that are local, fresh, and grown in our home state. And that's not all. Buying foods with the Arkansas Grown label means you're supporting the farmer, the economy, and lowering your carbon footprint. Who knew that a simple choice could do some much? So look for the label and buy Arkansas Grown.

Visit ArkansasGrown.org to find a farmers' market in your area.

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