The Flexzilla® Revolution kicked in when Legacy Manufacturing Company introduced kink-free Flexzilla® Air Hose. It's flexible down to 40 degrees below zero. And that is a game-changer. It's durable and can be repaired in the field. Extreme all-weather flexibility made Flexzilla the industry leader.

Then Flexzilla Garden and Water Hoses revolutionized gardens, yards and work sites. Lightweight, kink-free ZillaGreen™ hose redefines flexibility. It simply will not kink under pressure. Satisfied customers everywhere find Flexzilla is fun and easy to use.

Now Flexzilla Power Cords, Pressure Washer and other products are available to make work and domestic chores easier than ever. Leading-edge technology and premium materials give Flexzilla the dominant edge over traditional products. Have fun. Be awesome. Join The Flexzilla Revolution!


P. Allen Smith Water Colors Collection

Liberate your garden by tossing out your old hose and replace it with one of these long-lasting, hassle-free hoses by Flexzilla® now available in eye-catching colors including Blue Skies, Coral Candy, Green Envy and Crazy for Cocoa from P. Allen Smith's own palette. Best of all, these Flexzilla® garden hoses have a lifetime warranty, will not kink under pressure and remain flexible down to 40 degrees below zero!

•Lifetime Warranty

•SwivelGrip™ Connects smoothly and effortlessly to spigot and garden hose attachments

•Extreme all-weather flexibility

•Drinking water safe

•Will not kink under pressure


Available at independent garden centers and online at Shop.PAllenSmith.com.

Garden Hose

Flexzilla® Garden Hose was engineered with a lightweight Premium Hybrid Polymer to lie flat and eliminate kinking under pressure. It redefines flexibility, making it easy to maneuver around trees, bushes or other obstacles. Zero-memory means your sprinkler stays put without twisting. And Flexzilla® Garden Hose doesn't fight you when you coil it.

• Extreme all-flexibility

• Will not kink under pressure

• No memory, lies flat, coils easily

• Lightweight, abrasion resistant

• 3/4" GHT fittings

• 150 psi working pressure

• Lifetime warranty

Learn more about Flexzilla® Garden Hoses on Flexzilla.com.

Pro Water Hose

Flexzilla® Pro Water Hose was designed for professional use. It offers all the unique, efficient qualities of other Flexzilla hoses – it's lightweight, it lies flat, it's flexible in any weather and it will not kink when under water pressure. It's also even more durable to take heavier daily use. And it's easily repaired on the job site in a few simple steps.

• Extreme all-flexibility

• Will not kink under pressure

• No memory, lies flat

• Lightweight, coils easily

• Abrasion resistant * Repairs easily on the job

• 3/4" GHT fittings

• 150 psi working pressure

• Lifetime warranty

Learn more about the Flexzilla Pro Hose on Flexzilla.com.

FLEXZILLA® Pro Power Cords

Coming July 2014!

Indoor/Outdoor Flexzilla® Pro Electrical Cord is a powerful part of the Flexzilla Revolution. Engineered to the same rigorous standards as our hoses, this cord stays flexible even in extreme cold weather. So it always resists kinks and coils easily. The lighted indicator end, glow-in-the-dark stripe and grounded plug enhance safety. And it's made in America.

• Extreme all-weather flexibility

• Resists kinks, coils easily

• Lighted ends

• Glow-in-the-dark stripe * Indoor and outdoor use

• Grounded plug

• UL listed

• Made in America

Product Choices:
14 AWG: 25 ft. / 50 ft. / 100 ft.
12 AWG: 25 ft. / 50 ft. / 100 ft.
10 AWG: 50 ft. / 100 ft.

Flexzilla® Pro Electrical Cords are manufactured by Marmon Retail Products, Inc. in partnership with Legacy Manufacturing Company, and they are distributed by both Marmon and Legacy.

Learn more about Flexzilla® Pro Power Cords on Flexzilla.com.

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