Paul and Debbie Michael work together to deliver exceptional savings on unique treasures from around the world. The Paul Michael Company provides the finest quality home decor and furniture at unbelievable prices. Come in to one of our four locations and experience a shopping excursion unlike any other!


Apothecary Jars

Make your candy bar crackalackin', terrarium tantalizing, and bathroom bangin' with our footed apothecary jar.

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So Delta Candles

The Mississippi Delta has been penned as the most southern place on earth. It's alluvial plain gives way to some of the most fertile soil in the world. Once cotton was king now soybeans reign supreme.

At the So Delta Candle Company we pay tribute to the land and to our culture with our 100% all natural soybean wax candles, while capturing the fragrances that are a reflection of the Delta's rich heritage.

Each candle tells a story of the Delta. From the blues man who sold his soul to the devil, to the beautiful gardens that dot our landscape. Of a flood that changed the course of American history and a drink that is enjoyed every season, not just in the hot Delta summer.

We invite you to share in a little piece of the Mississippi Delta. These candles are really So Delta!

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Sari Balls

Colorful, decorative balls made from antique saris.

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Ski Chair

Paul Michael Exclusive. We made these adirondack chairs using re-purposed antique snow skis imported from Eastern Europe. No two are alike, but each one is comfy!

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Sycamore Cake Stand

Paul Michael Exclusive. Made from locally harvested walnut and cherry. Paul designed and made this multi-purpose kitchen accessory with a few different ideas in mind. The board is designed in such a way that there is a slight slope towards the middle. When used as a cutting board for meat the juices will pool in the middle. The glass dome makes this perfect for serving your favorite cakes, cheeses, or hors d'eaurves. Clean with salt and white vinegar. Treat 6 times a year with mineral oil.

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Repurposed Knob Mirror

Paul Michael Exclusive. Re-purposed window made into a wall mirror and framed out with antique cypress wood. Every one is different and has unique antique door nobs as hooks.

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Get a designer look in your room with little effort with our pillow line. They are all down filled pillows made from either Linen or Cotton fabric. Some are printed and some have bead work and embroidery, making it super easy to vary textures and style in one room.

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Spindle Candlesticks

Paul Michael Exclusive. Reclaiming the spindles from old stairways, Paul's vision was brought to reality after hand drawing the iron scroll legs and finding metal discs for the metal candle holder. No two are alike and all have their original finish. These are such a fantastic way to have a piece of american history while you are recycling architectural items.

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Handcrafted Butcher Block

Paul Michael Exclusive. Made from locally harvested walnut and cherry. Clean with salt and white vinegar. Treat 6 times a year with mineral oil.

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Jute Rugs

Hand woven jute rugs available in sizes 2 x 3, 2.8 x 8, 4 x 6, 5 x 8, & 8 x 10. Available in Moss, Natural, Red, Sunset, Lime, Turquois, and multiple patterns and styles like metro braided, herringbone, stripe, and nobby.

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Bottle Lamps

Paul Michael Exclusive. Designed in made in Dermott, AR, USA from locally harvested wood and wine bottles.

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Bentwood Chair

Hand painted and made from wood & a natural woven reed seat. Available in five colors: Persimmon, Sea Foam, Chartreus, Navy, & Red.

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