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Peacocks Castor and Pollux

Two male peacocks, Castor and Pollux, call the Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm home.  They have several females, called peahens, to keep them company.

Peafowl are in the pheasant family and hail from India where they are the national bird. In fact, the variety at the Garden Home is called a Blue India Peafowl. The baby chicks are called peachicks. No surprise there.

Now, the female will lay a clutch of eggs, and they will hatch in 28 days just like a turkey. When it comes to feed, they have a similar diet to the turkeys. They love a high-protein diet and a little bit of corn, and they're able to free-range on the property, so they pick up all kinds of insects as well as plenty of green things to eat. Peacock at the Garden Home

You might think such an exotic bird would need a special house, but they are quite content just roosting in the trees. Even in winter!  Here in central Arkansas it doesn’t get cold enough to bother them and perched up on a tree limb they are well away from predators.

Now, I admit that a peacock really isn't a cuddly, fuzzy little pet, but they are fun to have to watch.

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