One Acre Garden - Getting Started

I farm a pasture where the boulders lie
As touching as a basketful of eggs....

 - Robert Frost (1874–1963), U.S. poet. “Of the Stones of the Place.”

I've lost my mind!  Out at the Garden Home Retreat we've embarked on a rather large endeavor this spring.  I'm afraid my appetite was a little bigger than my stomach because what started as a 20-foot by 20-foot vegetable plot has turned into an acre.  I tend to push everything to the limit and this “little” vegetable garden is no exception.

My intention with the garden to is to expand my experience about growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and brambles and then pass what I learn on to you.  These Lessons from the One Acre Garden will apply whether you have a large plot or just a container on a patio.

We are also going to section off a small area and track the amount of harvested produce so that by the end of summer we can weigh the costs of a typical vegetable garden against the savings of growing our own food.

The first question that people ask when I tell them about the One Acre Garden is, “What are you going to do with all those vegetables?”  Well, we've just broken ground so there is time to plan, but my hope is to give fresh produce to a local charity as well as do some horse trading with a few restaurants in town. 

Below are some photos of getting the ground prepared for planting.

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1 acre garden

by Denise on April 11, 2009 05:51
As a kid in centeral VA, each summer we tended a 2 acre garden, thought we would die. Now my parents have a 1 acre garden, I still come to help out, and think I am going to die. But love every minute of it. Lots of veggies, wildflowers and herbs. Good luck and just have fun.

1 acre garden

by Kelly Humberd on April 4, 2009 09:02
It is fun to check on your progress as we too embark on our own 1 acre garden journey. Last year the largest part of ours was planted with Indian Corn and Ambrosia Sweet corn and what a beautiful stand we had... until the winds came up and knocked down over half of it. We called in friends to help us harvest what could be saved and are still enjoying some that was blanched and frozen. This year will provide for some experimentation as we'll be planting other vegetables in hopes of learning a lot and having plenty to sell at the farmers market with our home grown beef. Keep the updates coming as I am enjoying learning through your articles. Warming weather regards, The Humberd's

1 acre Garden

by Pat on March 28, 2009 11:52
Try a sunflower house (Sharon lovejoy) or three sistrers section (corn, pole beans andsquash or pumpkin). What about a gourd tree (a dead shrubby tree like post) covered with small gourds. Good luck and keep us posted

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