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Beach House Design Tips from Rosemary Beach

Good to Know: Phillip's Expert Advice for Designing Beach House Interiors
  1. To give rooms a larger feel, choose colors for the window treatments that don't stop the eye.
  2. Porches offer privacy and a transition space between the indoors and out.
  3. Beach light can be strong so choose colors that don't reflect a lot of light.
  4. Pick a few colors and repeat them throughout the room to help unify the space.
  5. Choose pieces that are similar is scale to unify the space.
  6. Accent with color.
  7. Choose simple, bold elements to make a statment.

Interior designer Phillip Sides gave me a tour of one of the homes he worked on at the coastal community of Rosemary Beach. Phillip's interiors are a seaside version of the garden home concept, blurring the lines between the indoors and out.

In the interior space Phillip designed, the windows give the room a larger feel. It would have been easy to make the window treatment stand out, but Phillip chose a color that did not stop the eye. This made the room feel bigger.

Porches are an important element in the architecture of Rosemary Beach. Phillip reminds us that porches can add to your interior spaces while giving you privacy. Porches are an important transition area between inside and out.

Phillip reminds us that beach light can be strong so be careful about choosing colors that reflect too much light and over power the room.

In order to unify the room, Phillip employed two design techniques: he repeated the colors and kept the scale similar throughout the space.

Phillip used colors as an accent in the space he shared with us and also made use of bold simple elements.