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Votive Trellis

For this project I've combined a prefabricated trellis, a terra cotta pot and some glass jars to create attractive privacy screen by day and a sparkling focal point for night.

Building this could not be easier. Start with a large container. The one I've used is 24 inches across. It is a fondue pot by Norcal/New England Pottery. What I like about fondue pots is the texture combination. The bottom half is a rich, unglazed brown and the stop is a glossy, green. The two colors create a nice earthy palette to build on. You can accent a neutral color scheme like this with just about anything.

Now I advise you to go ahead and place the container where you want it in the garden. Once it is potted up, it will be heavy and cumbersome.

Fill the container about midway up with sterile potting soil and insert the trellis. Any trellis that fits inside the pot will do. I just went to the store and purchased one. I painted it brown to match the fondue pot.

Add more soil to the pot until the trellis is firmly anchored. Don't fill it all the way up to the top because you are going to add plants. Leave about 1 inch of headroom.

Now as far as the planting goes I suggest that you keep it simple. I used a little ornamental grass called 'Frosted Curls'. It has a great texture, the color works with the brown and green composition and it's hardy down to 0 degrees. I planted about 5 of these grasses in 6-inch containers.

So with the trellis in place and the ornamental grass planted, you ready to make the hanging votive jars. It is a simple process. Just twist a bit of fine gauge wire around the lip of a glass jar to create a handle. Read instructions.

Now hang a jar in each one of the trellis squares. You can either drive a small nail into the cross bar and hang the jar from that or attach the handle of the jar to the cross bar with a wire loop.

Drop in a votive candle. At dusk light the candles and you will have a beautiful screen of sparkling light.

Detail of TrellisMaterial List:
Matthews Four Seasons trellis
Norcal New England Pottery Fondue Pot
fine gauge wire
wire cutters
needle nose pliers
tea lights or votive candles
glass jars with a lip
small nails
Pro-Mix Ultimate Container Mix potting soil
Proven Winners 'Frosted Curls' sedge