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Beyond Blooms

Coleus and Ornamental Peppers

Add brilliant splashes of non-stop color to your garden with an array of sensational foliage plants. Foliage, like flowers, comes in a kaleidoscope of colors from pinks, reds, and purples to yellow, acid green and silver and each leaf is a work of art. Mix and match them with flowering plants for beautiful results.

Instant Color that Lasts all Summer Long

As soon as you add them to containers and flower borders, they go to work filling your garden with lasting color.

Consistent Performance

Flowering plants shine during their blooming cycle, but then fade into the background until they bloom again. Foliage plants start out strong and just get bigger and better as they grow and fill out through the summer with no spent flowers to deadhead.

Create Depth and Interest

Dark foliage plants create a sense of depth and shadow in a flowerbed, giving the design more dimension and interest.

More Texture, Shape and Form

Along with fabulous leaf color, plant breeders have created an amazing array of foliage shapes and textures: spiny, fuzzy, waxy, serrated, and glossy, to name a few. Some varieties add architectural elements by the way they grow.

Low Maintenance

Unlike some fussy flowering plants, many of the foliage varieties are the real workhorses in the garden. Plant them in the right growing conditions and they will thrive with little care.


Some foliage plants are so vigorous they can almost take over a flower border or container. But that can be just what you need when you want to cover large areas in vivid color.

Five Great Foliage Plants

Here is a selection of foliage plants that I have grown with great success in my garden. Check with your local garden center for those best suited for your area.