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Bluebird Box Tips

The cottage isn't the only house at the Garden Home Retreat. We've been working on building a whole neighborhood. The houses are less than a square foot in size, but that's plenty of room for a single family. What kind of family could live in such a tiny home? A family of bluebirds!

Bluebirds build their nests in cavities, but they don't have the ability to create their own so they need our help. By mounting bluebird boxes we provide an easy alternative to nesting spots that occur naturally such as abandon woodpecker holes or crevices in dead trees.

Because bluebirds prefer to make their homes in wide open spaces my garden in the center of town is not suitable, but the Garden Home Retreat in the countryside is perfect. There are grassy pastures where they can hunt for insects, scattered trees and fence lines for perching and we've just added 5 bluebird boxes where they can make nests.Bluebird Box I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll find the houses occupied by mid-spring.

Here are a few points to consider if you are planning on putting up bluebird boxes this year.

Good to Know

Bluebirds eat insects during the summer, but they like berries as well. Here is a list of a few berry producing plants that are among their favorites.
Flowering Dogwood
Foster Holly
Eastern Red Cedar
American Elderberry
Shadblow, Amelanchier canadensis
Euonymus Americana
American Holly, Ilex opaca
Boston Ivy
Viburnum sieboldi