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Ten Tips for A Greener Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Celebrate the holiday by resolving to make your day to day life more earth friendly. Here are 10 tips that will help create a "greener" home and garden.

  1. Use organic alternatives to chemical fertilizers. Fish emulsion, aged manure and compost are all great sources of nutrients.
  2. Select plants suited to your garden's growing conditions. This will not only save you time and heartache, but a happy plant requires less pest and disease control.
  3. Add a 3-inch layer of mulch to conserve moisture and reduce the need to use chemical herbicides to control weeds.
  4. Conserve water by choosing drought resistant plants.  Successful drought tolerant gardens depend on deeply tilled, well-drained soil.  Your best bet is to plant in raised or mounded beds that are 12 to 18-inches tall.  Water new plants weekly during their first growing season to help them establish strong root systems.
  5. Make your home sparkling clean with these earth-friendly products: baking soda, white vinegar, borax, lemon juice and vegetable-based liquid soap.
  6. Filter indoor air with houseplants. English ivy, pothos, sansevieria, aloe vera, ficus, peace lily, corn plant and spider plant especially good at removing toxins from the air.
  7. Support your local farmers and retailers by buying their products. This not only enriches your area's economy, it reduces the impact of shipping items.
  8. Choose furniture for your home or garden that is made from durable materials.
  9. Harvest rainwater to use in your garden. This practice conserves water and reduces the amount of runoff going into our storm sewers. All you need to collect rainwater is a down spout and a rain barrel with a lid.
  10. Plant deciduous trees in a position that will shade your house in summer. After the leaves fall in autumn sunlight will be able to filter through to warm the house in winter.