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Moss Soil Recipe

MossFor many of us who enjoy gardening, it's both the process of growing things and the end result that keep us motivated. We all want things to have that full grown and mature look immediately.

Not only do I desire to have the plants in my garden look established, I also like for the same to be true of my containers and ornaments. Often the new materials just stand out too much. But, of course, over time this will be taken care of by the colonization of mosses, lichens and algae. They'll knock off the brassy newness of it.  Here is a recipe that will help moss get established on new terra cotta or concrete.


Directions:Mixing Moss Solution

  1. Start by using 1 part moss. You can collect it by scraping it off the top of the ground and you'll have better luck finding it on the north side of buildings.
  2. Combine the moss with 3 parts beer and 1 part granular sugar in a blender. After you've pureed the ingredients, pour the mixture over stones, bare soil or on containers to get them all started.
  3. Now, no matter how you use the moss, it's important to understand that it'll only grow when conditions are right. Moist acidic soils are ideal. And remember, a moss ground cover can be a beautiful way to deal with some of those tough shady areas.