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P. Allen Smith's Living in the Garden Home

"I'm always looking for fun and stylish ways to weave the garden into my life so I've packed this book with projects, celebrations, activities and ideas to inspire you to do the same.'

P. Allen Smith

P. Allen Smith's Living in the Garden Home
Connecting the Season with Containers, Crafts, and Celebrations

P. Allen Smith's Living in the Garden HomeHardcover, 224 pages
Clarkson Potter
On Sale: November 20, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-307-34723-7

P. Allen Smith's latest book, Living in the Garden Home: Connecting the Seasons with Containers, Crafts and Celebrations is your year-round guide for fresh ways to enjoy your garden through every season of the year. Allen invites you into his garden home to show you the secret of how he creates his signature style through gatherings, gifts, stylish projects and helpful tips. With step-by-step instructions for more than 50 activities, you will discover plenty of stimulating ways to keep your gardening spirit flourishing year round.

Excerpt from P. Allen Smith's Living in the Garden Home

"Gardening gives me so much: The anticipation of a new season, the promise of all it holds, the mystery of not knowing, the surprise when things change, the challenge of overcoming obstacles, the chance to learn something new, the amazement in seeing things grow, the satisfaction when combinations come together, the heartbreak when they fall apart, all these elements play a part in replenishing the deep well of pleasure that I gain in the process.

How about you? What draws you outside to plant, battle weeds, brave the weather, and then fall into a chair at the end of the day with a contended sigh? Whether you are sure of your answer or are still trying to figure it out, this book is grist for the mill. I offer it to all those who feel the desire to plant a seed and then have the patience to wait and see what happens....Spending time in the garden is the way I stay connected to nature and renew my ongoing partnership with her. I grow plants for food and for pleasure. One nourishes my body, the other my soul. I need both to feel complete...My hope is that by sharing my seasonal journey, you, too, will discover some new reasons why you must garden, and along the way create many seasons filled with your own garden pleasures."