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Alternative Ground Covers

Elevate your sights above the usual ground hugging varieties and try plants of all sizes to solve your garden challenges. Group together shrubs, flowers, ornamental grasses, and vines as low maintenance alternatives to a lawn, as cover-ups for unsightly bare spots under trees and shrubs, or to soften hard lines around sidewalks or stepping stones. Here are some ideas to get your started.

Old Fashioned HydrangeasProblem 1: Sodden spots - wet areas where the lawn languishes.
Solution: Make a better match.

DianthusProblem 2: High maintenance strip along path.
Solution: Fill it with flower power. 

Hosta Krossa RegalProblem 3: Too many towering trees.
Solution: Go with the flow. 

SedumProblem 4: Wily weeds between stepping stones.
Solution: Muscle out marauders. 

Great Ground Covers
Sun to Partial Sun

Shade to Partial Shade